X Position
x position
Category Motion
Type Reporter

The x position block is a reporter block and a Motion block. The block holds its sprite's x value, the sprite’s horizontal location on the stage. The block can be displayed as a Stage Monitor.

Example Uses

Some common uses for the x position block are:

  • Triggering actions via screen position:
    wait until <(x position) > [220]>
    change [Hits v] by (1)

Another use is setting values based on a movable slider without using Scratch's default slider, with the script setting the value to the slider's X position:

set [worms v] to (x position)
  • Comparing the X position with a record to check for movement:
when green flag clicked
set [x_pos prev v] to (x position)
set drag mode [draggable v] //makes the sprite easier to move
    if <not <(x_pos prev) = (x position)>> then
        say [My X position moved!] for (2) seconds //if the x position moved, say something
        set [x_pos prev v] to (x position)
  • Constantly storing a sprite's X movement so it can be re-enacted later
when green flag clicked //script only works in a sprite
delete all of [x positions v]
delete all of [y positions v]
say [Move your mouse and I will reenact the movement!] for (2) seconds
say [Go!] for (1) seconds
repeat (50)//records 50 coordinates at a rate of one for every 0.1 seconds
    go to (mouse-pointer v)
    add (x position) to [x positions v]
    add (y position) to [y positions v]
    wait (0.1) seconds
set [counter v] to [1]
say [I will reenact it for you now!] for (2) seconds
repeat (50)
    go to x:(item (counter) of [x positions v]) y:(item (counter) of [y positions v])
    wait (0.1) seconds
    change [counter v] by (1)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The block can be replicated by finding the X position with the () of () sensing block:

([x position v] of (wanted sprite v))

However, as this workaround requires the ([ v] of ( v)) block, it cannot be used to get the X position of the current sprite and must be done from another sprite, unless this workaround is used:

([x position v] of (join [wanted sprite][]))

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