Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The World Menu.

The World Menu could be accessed in Scratch 1.4 by shift-clicking the R in the Scratch Logo in the top left corner of the Scratch Program and selecting "turn fill screen off," then clicking the white bit on the bottom of the screen.

Note Warning: Changing settings in the World Menu could make changes to Scratch that were considered bad and could not be easily fixed. If found unfixable, simply reinstall Scratch.


The World Menu contained 15 options in its root menu which are explained in further detail below.

Keep This Menu Up

Clicking on this stopped the menu from being closed until one clicks on "dismiss this menu."

Previous Project

Went to the previous project in the Scratch Project Sorter, or if there was only one project open, opened the Project Sorter.

Jump to Project...

Went to a specific project in the Project Sorter, or opened the Project Sorter if there was only one project in it.

Restore Display

This option was faulty, and did not restore the display.


This option gave nine more options:


Opened the System Browser, which allowed changes to be made to Scratch's source code.


Opened a blank Squeak terminal to evaluate Squeak code for testing purposes.

File List

Opened up a list of all the files on one's computer.


Opened up a blank transcript which could be edited and saved. A transcript was a console log which could be used to debug. To log to the transcript, one could use the command:

Transcript show:'a message'
t1 _ 3+5
Transcript show: t1 asString

"transcript should show:"
"a message8"

Simple Change Sorter

Opened up the Simple Change Sorter, which was a simple version of the Project Sorter.

Dual Change Sorter

Opened up the Dual Change Sorter, which was like the Simple Change Sorter, but had two identical sections.

MVC Project

Opened a Model-View-Controller Project.

Note Warning: Never click on the yellow area unless you were an advanced user of computers. The changes that it would cause were complicated to fix.

Morphic Project

Opened up a Morphic Project.

Note Warning: See above


Opened up Scratch as another window within Scratch; this would add another option to the Find Window list.


This option gave eight more options:

Find Window

Brought up a list of windows that are open. Normally there is one Scratch Frame. Additional Scratch Frames can be added by clicking on "Scratch" in the open menu, allowing more than one project to be open at once. Clicking on something in this list would select it as though it was alt-clicked, and would also open it.

Find Changed Browsers

Brings up a list of all the browsers (such as the System Browser) that have been edited since Scratch was opened.

Find Changed Windows

Brings up a list of all the windows that have been edited since Scratch was opened.

Collapse All Windows

Minimizes all open windows in Scratch.

Expand All Windows

Opens up every minimized window in Scratch at once

Note Note: They may overlap each other.

Delete Unchanged Windows

Deletes all windows that have not been edited since Scratch opened.

Delete All Debug Windows

Deletes all the debug windows open within Scratch.

Switch to Tiling/Staggering


Windows do not overlap.


Windows overlap.


This option will bring up five more options:

Create New Change Set...

Creates a new change set and makes it the current one.

Check Change Sets for Slips

Checks for errors in any open change slips.

Simple Change Sorter

Opens up the Simple Change Sorter, which is a simple version of the Project Sorter.

Dual Change Sorter

Opens up the Dual Change Sorter, which is like the Simple Change Sorter, but has two identical sections.

Recover Recent Changes

Opens a new browser called the Changes Log, and undoes any recent changes. Useful for recovering data from a crash.


This option will bring up six more options:

About This System...

Brings up information about Squeak and the current change set.

Command Key Help

Brings up a list of keyboard short-cuts (empty by default).


This brings up a preferences menu, which has twelve sections, all of them, as well as the options within them, are shown below.

  • alternativeBrowseIt — If true, then the "Browse It" (CTRL/CMD + B) feature in the text editor will offer a list of class names matching the selection
  • annotationPanes — If true, a thin horizontal annotation pane is use in browsers
  • browseWithPrettyPrint — If true, browsers will automatically format their content
  • browserShowsPacketPane — If true, all browsers will show Packet Panes
  • colorWhenPrettyPrinting — If true, then when the browseWithPrettyPrint is true, the browsers will Pretty-Print with color
  • confirmFirstUseOfStyle — If true, then the first attempt to submit a method with non-standard style will bring up a confirmation dialogue
  • diffsInChangeList — If true, then changeList browsers and Versions browsers will open up by default showing diffs
  • ignoreStyleIfOnlyBold — If true, then in any method submission in which the only style change is for bolding will be treated as a method with no style specifications
  • printAlternateSyntax — If true, then Pretty-Print will use experimental syntax, otherwise it will use the standard ST-80 syntax
  • smartUpdating — If true, then morphic tools such as browsers and inspectors will keep their contents updated in real time
  • cmdDotEnabled — If true, then cmd-dot brings up a debugger, otherwise the cmd-dot interrupt is disabled
  • debugHaloHandle — If true, a special debugging Halo Handle is shown to the right of the halo
  • logDebuggerStackToFile — If true, whenever a debugger shows up, a summary of its stack will be written to a file named 'SqueakDebug.log'
  • changeSetVersionNumbers — If true, version number extensions will be used when constructing names for change-set fileouts
  • checkForSlips — If true, then whenever a change set is filed out, it checks for slips
  • conversionMethodsAtFileOut — Converts all methods when a change set is filed out
  • twentyFourHourFileStamps — If changeSetVersionNumbers is false, and this is true, it sets the date/time suffix used with change set fileouts to a twenty-four hour clock rather than a twelve-hour clock
  • autoAccessors — If true, then it makes all accessors automatic
  • caseSensitiveFinds — If true, then the "find" command in text will make searches with case-sensitivity
  • noviceMode — If true, then novice-mode accommodations are made
  • optionalButtons — If true, then optional buttons will be used in certain standard tools
  • projectZoom — If true, then a zoom effect will be shown when entering and leaving projects
Note Warning: Can be costly for memory
  • thoroughSenders — If true, then Senders browsers will dive inside the structured literals in their search
  • warnIfNoChangesFile — If true, then a warning will be shown at start up when no file changes can be found
  • warnIfNoSourcesFile — If true, then a warning will be shown at start up when no sources changes can be found
  • debugHaloHandle — If true, a special debugging Halo Handle is shown to the right of the halo
  • Iconic/Custom:
    • Iconic — Circular halos with icons inside
    • Custom — Customizable halos
  • soundQuickStart — If true, Scratch will attempt to start playing sounds using an options "quick start"
  • soundsEnabled — If false, all sound playing is disabled
  • menuColorFromWorld — If true, the colors used in morphic menus will related to the background color of the world background
  • roundedMenuCorners — If true, morphic menus have rounded corners
  • scrollBarsWithoutMenuButton — If true, morphic scrollbars in subsequently open windows will not include a menu button
  • timeStampsInMenuTitles — If true, then the author's timestamp is displayed as the menu of any message list
  • balloonHelpEnabled — If true, balloon help is offered when the user mouses over certain objects
  • hiddenScrollBars — If true, the scrollbars will only show when a pane's contents are too large to fit inside the pane
  • inboardScrollBars — If true, then ScrollPane will place scrollbars inside on the right and will not hide them on exit
  • scrollBarsNarrow — If true, scrollbars will be narrow
  • scrollBarsOnRight — If true, morphic scrollbars in subsequently opened windows will appear on the right side of their pane
  • scrollBarsWithoutMenuButton — If true, morphic scrollbars in subsequently open windows will not include a menu button
  • dragNDropWithAnimation — If true, when dragging and dropping things, it will be animated
  • fenceEnabled — If true, enables the fence
  • personalizedWorldMenu — If true, allows the World Menu to be personalized
  • preserveTrash — If true preserves all deleted items
  • projectsSentToDisk — If true, all projects are sent to the hard drive
  • simpleMenus — If true, simpler menus are presented
  • systemWindowEmbedOK — If true, when in morphic, when a system menu or menu morph is dropped onto a willing receptor, it is deposited in that receptor
  • unlimitedPaintArea — If true, the painting area for a new drawing will not be limited in size
  • updateSavesFile — If true, then when an update is loaded from the server, a copy of it will automatically be saved on a local file as well
  • promptForUpdateServer — If true, the prompt for server choice when updating code from the severe is not suppressed
  • fastDragWindowForMorphic — If true, morphic window drag will be done by dragging an outline of the window
  • reverseWindowStagger — If true, a reverse-stagger strategy is used for determining where newly launched windows will be placed
  • roundedWindowCorners — If true, morphic system windows have rounded corners

Set Author Initials

Allows the user to set their initials.

Memory Statistics

Brings up Virtual Machine statistics about the memory, uptime and gigahertz.

Space Left

Shows the user how much space is left in bytes.


This option will bring up twelve more options:

Set Display Depth

Gives the option to set the display depth to either 1, 4, 8, 16 or 32. The default is 32.

Set Desktop Color

Allows color of the white area around the screen to be changed.

Full Screen On

Sets Scratch to full screen mode. When in Full Screen mode, if one enters presentation mode, and leave it, it will go back to normal.

Full Screen Off

Turns full screen mode off.

Window Colors

Allows one to set the color of:

  • Browsers
  • Change Lists
  • Change Sorters
  • Debuggers
  • Dual Change Sorters
  • File Contents Browsers
  • File Lists
  • Message Sets
  • String Holders
  • Transcript Streams

System Fonts

This option brings up another six options.

List Font

Allows one to change the font type and size of lists.

Menu Font

Allows one to change the font type and size of menus.

Window Title Font

Allows one to change the font type and size of windows.

Balloon Help Font

Allows one to change the font type and size of balloons.

Use Large Fonts

Sets all fonts to large, which helps the hard of seeing.

Restore Default Font Choices

Restores all fonts to their original settings.

Text Highlight Color

Allows one to change the color that text is highlighted in.

Insertion Point Color

Allows one to change the color for the text insertion point in Morphic.

Start/Stop Menu Color From World

Toggles whether menu colors are derived from desktop colors.

Start/Stop Rounding Window Corners

Toggles whether menus and windows have rounded corners.

Clear Turtle Trails from Desktop

Removes all trails left by moving objects with their pens down.

Unhide Hidden Objects

Unhides all hidden objects on the desktop.

New Morph

Allows one to create a new Scratch Morph.


This option brings up another four options.

Inspect World

Brings up the PasteUpMorph, which allows one to inspect all that is going on in the desktop.

Start Message Tally

Turns on Message Tally.

Start Drawing Again

Sets turtle trails to on.

Start Stepping Again

Sets stepping to on.


Saves image for end user.

Save as

Saves image for end user with a new file name, creating an alternate way to start up Scratch.

Save and Quit

Saves image for end user and exits Scratch.


Exits Scratch.