Sometimes there is confusion as to what forum to put your post into. The general rule is to follow the guidelines in the forum description. If a topic is posted in the wrong forum, it will likely be moved by a moderator.

This page covers the names and topics of all the forums on the current Scratch website.

New Scratchers

A forum to welcome New Scratchers to the Scratch community. If you are new to Scratch, please post to say hello!

This forum is generally used by New Scratchers introducing themselves to the community. Usually, a lot of older members of the community will say hello to them and provide tips. The forum is also used for giving helpful tips and advice to New Scratchers.


It is not always clear where to post questions: they can go in either Questions about Scratch or the New Scratchers forum.

If a question is about a project being made, it would be beneficial to share the project, and post the question with a link to the project in the Help with Scripts forum.

If the question is more general, or about the Scratch website itself, it would be best to ask it in the Questions about Scratch forum.

There is usually no need to post a question in the New Scratchers forum, unless the answers might be useful to other new users.

Show and Tell

Tell everyone about your projects and studios.

This forum is for sharing or advertising projects and studios on the Scratch website. Some Scratchers use this forum to help their projects get noticed.


It is not for sharing things being made outside of Scratch - those go in Things I'm Making and Creating.

Project Save & Level Codes

A place to store codes from projects that let Scratchers resume play or show a design they have made.

This forum is for sharing save or level codes from projects on the Scratch Website. The creator of a project may make a topic here, where anyone can then share their code.


It is not for topics made for only a single code. Instead, the code should be posted in the respective topic for the project.

Questions About Scratch

Post general questions about Scratch here.

This forum covers a lot of categories, mainly:

  • Questions about the Scratch program
  • Questions about the website
  • Questions about the forums
  • Advice about the above
  • Discoveries and observations about Scratch, the website or the forums


The forum is often confused with many other forums. A topic was made to clear this up.

Advanced Topics

Talk about technical aspects, advanced features, or Scratch Mods here.

The forum is generally used to ask for help with or talk about about:


This is sometimes confused with Questions About Scratch or Help With Scripts, especially when it comes to topics about scripting. There is no "cut-off point" for how advanced something needs to be to belong in this forum.


Discuss ideas for making improvements to Scratch.

This forum is used to present and talk about suggestions for Scratch, including the website, project editor, and forums.


Sometimes people try to pose a glitch as a suggestion ("Can the Scratch team please fix _____?"). All glitches go in the Bugs and Glitches forum.

Also, some people may try to ask for suggestions on various things.

Bugs and Glitches

Found a bug in Scratch? Describe it here!

If a user is having problems with the way Scratch is running, or problems with the website, then this is the forum they should post in.


Posts about problems with a user's projects or scripts should go in Help With Scripts, and not Bugs and Glitches. Bugs and Glitches is also not for bugs in other's Scratch projects, those can go in the comments on the project itself.

Connecting to the Physical World

Topics relating to Scratch Boards, PicoBoards, and Scratch sensing and responding to things happening in the world around it.

If a post relates to devices used by Scratch Extensions, Scratch Boards, LEGO WeDo or anything that involves Remote Sensor Connections, then it should be posted here.


Posts about troubleshooting devices should go here, and not in Bugs and Glitches. Sometimes, people may post content which should have been in Thing I'm Making and Creating or Reading and Playing because they may be confused and think that they can talk about the "physical world".


Join with others to work together on Scratch projects!

Posts about discovering, joining, or discussing Scratch companies or collaborations go in this forum.


During Collab Camp, posts relating to the event should go in that year's Collab Camp forum, and not Collaboration.


Looking for something? Want to offer your skills to others?

If a user needs something drawn, composed, programmed, designed, or animated, they can find it in here. This section is for Scratch shops and markets. Scratchers can create a thread, and Scratchers in need can request items such as the following from them:


This forum has a very ambiguous name and is commonly mistaken for other forums. A sticky was made to clear this up.

Project Ideas

A place to give and get help thinking of project ideas.

This is for posting and asking for ideas for projects, designs, topics, and ideas. It is not for asking for sprites and scripts because those requests go in the Requests forum.


As a rule of thumb, if it is about something that can be cut-and-pasted into a project, it goes in Requests, and if it's a part of a project (e.g. what the project is about, or the style of graphics) then it goes in Project Ideas.

Help With Scripts

Need help with your Scratch project? Ask here!

This forum is for people who are having trouble creating their Scratch projects.

If you need help with one of your projects, share your project first, and then post a link to it in the Help With Scripts forum so people can view your project and help you with your problem.


Scripting questions do not belong in the Questions about Scratch forum.

Glitches with Scratch itself go in Bugs and Glitches, but glitches with one of your scripts can go in Help with Scripts.

Things I'm Making and Creating

Discuss things you are creating or exploring outside of Scratch, like art, music, programming languages, or crafts.

This forum is for things users are making outside of Scratch, such as crafts, games, art, and music.

Since "Things I'm Making and Creating" is a very long name, it's often abbreviated to simply "MaC"


Many users often confuse Things I'm Making and Creating with the Show and Tell forum. Show and Tell is for things created in Scratch, and Things I'm Making and Creating is for things created outside of Scratch.

This forum is also vulnerable to "force-fitting", which involves creating topics that do not belong in any forum, as many users think they can "make and create" topics. Common force-fitted topics are polls, chat rooms, and spam topics.

Things I'm Reading and Playing

Discuss books, TV, movies, art, music, or videogames that inspire you.

This forum is for books, movies, art, music, games, etc. that inspire Scratchers.


Prior to Scratch 2.0, sometimes users confused this forum with the Text Based Games Forum, and posted TBGs here instead of in the proper forum. These usually get closed, as posts cannot be moved between the main forums and the TBGs.


  • Do not worry if your post is in the wrong forum, it will be moved to the right forum by a moderator. You won't get in trouble if you do it on accident.
  • The "Report" button can be used to request moving a thread to another section.
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