Advertising is when a Scratcher posts a link to something they have created (such as a project or studio) on someone else's profile, projects, or studio.

What is Advertising?

When a Scratcher posts a link to a project, studio, or forum topic that they have made on another Scratcher's profile, projects, or studios, it is known as advertising. Most of the time, it is considered spamming.

Sometimes advertising is acceptable when a Scratcher wants someone else to advertise on their profile, but Scratchers should not advertise if it is known to be annoying to the Scratcher in question. It may also be acceptable to keep a Scratcher updated on a project, studio, or forum when they want to get notified of events that go on there. Scratchers sometimes add a note saying that they do not allow advertising. Advertising is considered "spamming links" when one repeatedly advertises.[1]

Good Forms of Advertising

There are also forms of advertising which are not spam. Scratchers can post their advertisements in the Show and Tell forum, in their signature on the forums, and in projects and studios specifically made for advertising.[2][3][4]

Problems with Advertising

Note Note: Advertising is allowed on the Show and Tell forum, but is mostly disallowed everywhere else.

Advertising can annoy a lot of Scratchers when they don't want projects, studios, or forums advertised on their profile or in other places. Advertising with studio invites is frowned upon by many users.[5][6][7][8] Sometimes it can be informative when someone needs the advertisement so they can keep up-to-date on a project or studio they are interested in. However, most of the time the advertisement is irrelevant to the person's interests.

Scratchers advertise for many reasons, but the most common one is that they think they can become popular by doing so.[citation needed]

How to Prevent Advertising

A Scratcher's "About me" or "What I'm working on" profile sections can politely request against advertising. If someone posts an advertisement on a users' profile, that user may kindly express their dislike of advertisements. The Community Guidelines should be followed at all times.

If advertisements are spammed after at least one request to desist, all of the spam should be reported.

To avoid spammers and/or spambots commenting or posting in the forums with their advertising, the New Scratcher status imposes restrictions to prevent them from posting too rapidly. Several words and phrases commonly used by spambots are censored.

Commercial Advertising

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See also: Spam#Commercial Spam

Spammers and spambots sometimes advertise products outside of Scratch, which is known as commercial advertising or commercial spam.

Advertising by Remixing

Some users advertise their projects by remixing popular projects and making projects unrelated to the original, as remixes show up on a page linked to by the original. Such remixes are not allowed because it is misrepresenting the project as being a derivative of the original project and violates the "Be Honest" section of the Community Guidelines.[9]

Advertising by Creating Accounts

Some users advertise their projects by creating accounts whose profile page and username advertises one of their own projects, and remixing projects legitimately, as remixes' creators show up on a page linked to by the original.[10] The Scratch Team has stated that this is not allowed only if it is done with multiple accounts.[11]

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