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Make Your Sprite Spin When You Say Something is a video in a series of video tutorials under the Help tab. It describes how to make a sprite spin when the player says something. The video is 2 minutes and 19 seconds long.


[0:00] In this video, we will use our voice to make our sprite spin.

[0:05] Awe... some... Awesome!

[0:09] Let's find out how this is done. To control the sprite with my voice, we will use the loudness block. This block detects the volume of the sounds I'm making.

[0:19] Now, when I check the box right next to this block, Scratch starts to show the loudness value.

[0:27] Awe... some... Awesome!

[0:34] So I want the cat to spin if the loudness goes over a certain threshold. To do this, I will click on the Control link and grab the if block. This block helps us evaluate conditions.

[0:50] Now since I want the cat to spin every time the loudness of my voice is greater than a certain value, I will click on the Operators link, and get the greater than block.

[1:06] This can snap within the if and help us evaluate conditions.

[1:12] And then, I will compare loudness....

[1:17] ...with let's say, 10. You can play around with different numbers here.

[1:22] So now we are telling Scratch that if the loudness is greater than 10, do something, and that thing is turn, so I will grab the turn block.

[1:32] I also want this program to run in a loop, so I will get the forever block.

[1:41] Here I want to point out that the if block is enclosed within the forever.

[1:46] I did this because the if block checks the condition only once. In this case, the if block checks if the loudness is greater than 10 just once, but we need to check this repeatedly, so I surrounded the if block within a forever.

[2:00] Okay, I want this program to run after I've hit the green flag, so I will get that block also.

when gf clicked
    if <(loudness) > [10]> then
        turn cw (15) degrees

[2:05] Now if I click on the green flag and say something, the sprite will spin.

[2:09] Awe... some... Awesome!

[2:13] Finally, do you think you can change the color of the sprite while it spins?

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