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Make Your Sprite Glide is a video in a series of video tutorials under the Help tab. It describes how to use the Glide () Secs to X: () Y: () block to make a sprite glide around the stage. The video is 2 minutes and 14 seconds long.


[0:00] In this video, we will make our sprite glide.

[0:05] Let's get started.

[0:07] The first thing I will do is delete the default sprite, which is the cat.

[0:12] I will click on the scissor icon, and then click on the cat. Done.

[0:17] Now, before I get a new sprite, let me walk you through the stage area.

[0:22] You can imagine this area as a grid with different values in the horizontal, or x axis, and vertical, or y axis.

[0:29] For instance, the centre of the stage area has values x is equal to zero and y equal to zero.

[0:35] Here is a new point, which is that x is equal to 100 and y is equal to 100.

[0:41] Here's another point, which is that negative 150 x and 50 y.

[0:46] Let me put up one more point on the grid for you to analyse.

[0:50] Ok, so now that we know that the stage area is made up of different x and y values, I am going to remove this imaginary grid.

[0:57] By the way, an easy way to figure out these values is by moving the mouse pointer over the stage area. When you do this, you will see the x,y values of the current location of the mouse pointer.

[1:08] Alright, now, let's get a new sprite for our project. Click on the new sprite icon. Scroll down to find your favourite sprite. I will select "Ghost1" and then click "OK".

[1:29] Next, I will grab the glide block.

[1:38] And then, I will specify where exactly on the grid I want the ghost to glide. Let's say the x value is 100 and the y value is also 100.

[1:48] You can add as many glide blocks as you want. I will add one more here.

[1:54] Then, I will grab a green flag block.

when green flag clicked
glide (1) secs to x: (100) y: (100)
glide (1) secs to x: (150) y: (-100)

[2:03] Now when I click on the green flag, the ghost glides to a new location on the grid.

[2:08] Finally, do you think you can add some spooky music to this animation?

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