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Make Your Sprite Dance is a video in a series of video tutorials under the Help tab. It describes how to make the "Breakdancer1" sprite look like it is dancing, and how to add in dance music. The video is 2 minutes and 55 seconds long.


[0:00] Today, we will make our sprite dance to music.

rap music plays in the background

[0:09] Let's begin.

[0:11] The first thing I will do is delete the sprite that we have by default.

[0:14] I will click on the scissors icon...

[0:20] ...and then click on the cat to delete that sprite. Done.

[0:24] Now I need a new sprite, so I will click on the new sprite icon...

[0:31] ...and select from one of the many available options.

[0:34] I will choose "Breakdancer1". This sprite has three different costumes which we can see by clicking on the arrows right next to the sprite. I will click on ok.

[0:44] Now, I can move this sprite anywhere on the stage area by simply dragging it.

[0:49] At this point, if I click on the costumes tab, I can see the three different costumes of this sprite.

[0:54] Okay, so I will back to the Scripts tab, and I will click on the Looks link to get the next costume block.

[1:03] This block will help us flip through the different costumes of our break dancer.

[1:08] To make this happen continuously, I will enclose this in the forever block.

[1:15] Maybe, I will even wait for 1 second before I see every new costume. (Note: The video is referring to the wait block.)

[1:19] Now, I want the dance to begin after I've click on the green flag, so I will get that block also.

when gf clicked
next costume
wait (1) secs

[1:25] Now if I click on the green flag, I can see the sprite dance.

[1:34] This is fun, but it would be more fun with music, so let's add that now.

[1:39] I will click on the sound tab, and then, I will click on the new sound icon to select from one of many available sounds.

[1:46] I will click on "Hip Hop" and then select okay.

[1:50] To add the sound as background music for our breakdancer, I will click on the scripts tab and drag the play sound until done block.

[2:02] To make the music play in a loop, I will surround it in a forever block, and I will make the music start when I click on the green flag.

when gf clicked
play sound [hip hop v] until done

[2:12] At this point, I want to highlight that there are two green flag scripts. One where the sprite is dancing, and one where music is played. This sort of set-up allows the music to play while the sprite is dancing.

[2:25] Okay, let's see what happens now!

rap music plays in the background

[2:41] In closing, I have two questions for you. What do you think will happen if you remove the wait block from this program? And finally, given what you saw in this video, can you make a new sprite dance to a different beat?

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