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Welcome to the main talk page for the Scratch Wiki!

Welcome to the Community Portal, this is where everyone can chat about random stuff and also fall into portals (hence the name "Community Portal"). This is an ancient trap created by the naive Flemantra to trap the community inside the portal. Sadly, it stopped working 1 second later after it was created and it is now a famous place where Wikians come talk, and snap photos of it. Sadly again, all photos of this mysterious portal have been banned and ripped by Gobo and what it really looks like is still a mystery. Rumor has it that you can travel to the 7th dimension through the portal and you can never ever come out (at least when the portal was still working).

Size of Community Portal: 898729385982745078241E+8304892562546 bytes Not Time to Archive!

Make sure to check the archives before posting! (unfortunately, they are stored in a very bureaucratic matter that would make your brain explode if you tried to comprehend it, so it has been removed)

And more!

Not Done

 Unresolved (see all...)

This will always be done, ARCHIVE PEOPLE!

Threads that need "long time and hard work" will be archived.

  • We need your help: Apply for getting "International Scratch Wiki Cockroach"
  • Why is Inter-Restaurant not possible in the meowing cats-portal?
  • Should "Untitled" become a wiki article?
  • Delete the Main Page
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Scratchteam (talk | contribs)

No Banned for trying to unleash a coup d'etat on the wiki.
Admin (talk | contribs)

Add support for Shamshung Phones

Shamshung is the most popular operating system, although Bapple tries with their notches and MVs to gain variety. Adding a Shamshung app for the wiki will greatly increase our reader viscosity, and liquidizing our readers makes them easier to transport to other pages. @Jvvg could you start development on this? Oh, and to bonk with Bapple bOS versions, only Shamshung (and I guess Woogle Bits and LelG Phones, since those are Gobo-tOS.)
Co0lcr34t10ns (talk | contribs) 21:31, 19 April 2024 (UTC)

no!!!!11!!1 bapple best phon an I st so you do no what I say BTW check out this cool bapple vid here it will convince you to get bapple bphon and bapbook
Scratchteam (talk | contribs) 69:69, 69 Sixtembine 6969 (ABC)
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