Turn Video ()
turn video (on v)
Category Video Sensing
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The turn video () block is a Video Sensing and a stack block. It turns the webcam on (directly or flipped) or off depending on the argument. Early in the Scratch 2.0 alpha, it was categorized as a looks block before being changed to a sensing block in release and being moved to the Video Sensing Extension in Scratch 3.0.


The block contains a drop-down list of three options.

  • On — Turns the webcam on for utilization of the motion-sensing features in Scratch 2.0.
  • Off — Turns the webcam off which will cause the constant film pasted onto the stage to remove.
  • On-Flipped — Turns the webcam on but displays the video footage in a horizontally-flipped form.

Example Uses

  • Displaying the camera input:
when green flag clicked
turn video (on v)
  • Turning the video on to use motion controls
when green flag clicked
turn video (on v)
    move (video (motion v) on (Stage v)) steps
    if on edge, bounce

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