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The trending glitch is commonly known across Scratch[1][2] and is used to get one's project shown in the "trending" category of Explore without the project actually qualifying for "trending" status. Unsharing and then resharing projects utilizes the glitch by making the Scratch website believe that the reshared project received however many loves and favorites the project in question had before the reshare in a short amount of time when in fact the project had technically already had those loves and favorites before it was even shared. As a result, the project is shown as "trending."[3]

Note Warning: Using this bug for personal gain could get users banned[citation needed]. Falsely getting projects on Trending is a violation of the Community Guidelines, and Section 3.5 of Scratch's Terms of Use.


People sometimes arouse suspicion when a project is reshared and falsely accuse the uploader of looking for fame by purposely unsharing and then resharing. It is possible, however, that the Scratcher had accidentally unshared the project and then reshared it so that people could view it again. This is important to recognize in order to prevent hate and false reporting. It is also important to note that users do not need to unshare to edit a project. Users can easily download the project and edit it elsewehere.


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