Translating Scratch
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Amount of activity: Low number of topics and replies
Types of users who can post: Anyone

The Translating Scratch forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can discuss the translation of the Scratch interface and website.

Some people use this forum for translating Scratch projects, but it should be done at the Requests forum.

What the Forum Contains

The Translating Scratch forum contains topics about the translation of Scratch — these topics include:

Help for Translating a Specific Part of Scratch

The Scratch Team does not know every language that they wish to translate Scratch to — to cover this, Scratchers that do know the languages can help them translate Scratch. This applies to the Scratch program, website, FAQ, and more.

Corrections to Already Existing Translations

Not all translations are correct — Scratchers that have more experience with other languages can help the Scratch Team correct any mistakes.

Ideas for Future Translations

There is always more translating to be done — Scratchers can suggest new languages to translate Scratch to, or give their ideas on various parts of translating Scratch.

Ideas for New Language Forums

Sometimes Scratchers want a new Language forum to be able to talk to other Scratchers in their native language.[1]


The forum has very little activity; the likely reason is that most Scratchers know English as a native language and do not know other languages well enough to accurately translate into them.


  1. tcodina. (30/6/2013). "I don't understand why here, in Scratch in other languages forums, there isn't a Catalan forum" topic:9604
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