Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 2.0). For this article in the current version (version 3.0), see Ideas Page.
The button on the Navigation Bar that linked to the tips page

The Tips Page was a page on the Scratch Website which listed tutorials for making various types of basic projects. It was an updated version of the Help Page. It could be reached by clicking on the "Tips" button on the navigation bar.

Scratch 3.0 replaced the Tips Page with the Ideas Page.

Things to Try

The Things to Try section was a list of project ideas. Selecting one opened the Project Editor with an additional step-by-step tutorial that guided the user through the process of building their chosen project. Though the finished project was usually simple, the user was encouraged to add their own ideas.

The "Make It Fly" tutorial as seen on the Tips page.

The tutorials were listed as follows (in order of appearance):

Activity Cards

Main article: Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards was a section about "Activity Cards" for "learn[ing] to create interactive games, stories, music, animations, and more." It included a link to download a PDF for all the cards or purchase the printed set.

Starter Projects

This section covered Starter Projects — the projects created by the Scratchteam account to help Scratchers "get ideas for making [their] own projects."

Tips Page-Themed Scratch Design Studio

In August 2017, a new Scratch Design Studio, called Things to Try, was created to promote the Tips page. The studio invited users to create projects using the Tips page tutorials.

Tips on the Front Page

From December 1, 2017, to December 7, 2017, a large banner at the top of the Front Page displayed an animated Scratch name and a button labeled "Animate a Name" that linked to the project tutorial of the same name. A second banner, taking the place of the curator row, contained extra tutorials, including (in order of appearance):

Other Links

At the very bottom of the page, there were links to other parts of the Scratch website, as follows:

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