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This article refers to a post on the Scratch forums. For comments on Scratch projects, see Comment (website feature).

On a forum, a post is any comment on a topic. Generally, posts are related to the topic, with occasional exceptions, such as bumps, offtopic conversations, and necroposts. The latter two are generally frowned upon.

New Post

The quick post dialog.

To make a new post a user must scroll down to the bottom of the page the thread they want to reply to is on and type in what they want to say.

New Topic

Creating a new topic is essentially the same as posting, but the "New topic" link in a forum must be clicked. A subject must also be given.

Post Formatting

Main article: BBCode

Posts can be formatted with BBCode. BBCode can make text bold, underlined, italicized, colored, and more. Links and images can also be created. In order to use certain BBCode, the user must have the Scratcher status.


An image of the actions

Some actions can be done on posts. Some are available only to the post author (and moderators and administrators), but all require being logged in.


Main article: The Report Button

If a post is spam, or inappropriate, it should be reported using the purple link that says "Report." This lets a moderator or a Scratch Team member know about the problem, and they can fix it. Posts/topics in the wrong forum should also be reported. Users will not get in trouble for posting in the wrong forum, the topic will just be moved to the correct forum.

Unlike with comments, a user may also report a topic to have it closed by a moderator, or to ask for it to be stickied. A user may also report it to be ITopiced.


This option is only available to moderators. For a user to delete their post, they must report it to a moderator for it to be deleted. Many users blank their post or replace it with a message explaining that they have reported it to be deleted before reporting it. When posts are deleted, they are moved to the "dustbin" forum (which is only accessible to moderators), where moderators can view them later.[1] Topics can also be deleted, too. Deleting topics follows the same process as deleting posts.


This option is only available for moderators. It allows them to move a topic or post to a different or new topic, in any forum. Moderators move topics by request of anyone, or if they stumble across it and it is in the wrong forum, they will move it and likely post on it saying it has been moved.


Main article: Edit Post
Editing a post.

Users with Scratcher status are also able to edit their posts. If a mistake is made, or content must be updated, this feature can be used. Scratch Team members can edit other people's posts to remove rule-breaking content.


The "Quote" link is used to easily quote someone. This lets users carry on a conversation, or bring to mind what someone once said. The quote feature can be easily abused by misquoting, but it would likely be very difficult to stop that for only moderators or the Scratch Team could edit someone else's post.


Main article: List of Post Errors

An error can sometimes occur when posting. If this happens, the error must be corrected before the post can be accepted.


A topic in the forums.

Each post is one of many on a topic. Topics are also called threads. A topic can be likened to a list: A post is to a topic as an item is to a list. The first post in a topic is by the creator and usually provides more information about the topic's subject; it is commonly called the original post or OP.

Topics generally have a set topic; hence the name "topic." A thread must be in a forum. One cannot create forums.

The first topic in the 2.0 forums can be found here, but it has been deleted. The topic used to be about bugs and issues with Scratch 2.0[2]. The first topic still available in the 2.0 forums can be found here.

Topic Actions

Like posts, one can also apply actions to topics. The three main actions are closing topics, opening topics and creating topics. Deleting and moving topics has already been mentioned above, in Actions.

Creating Topics

This option is available to anyone, unless one is in the Announcements Forum, where only the Scratch Team can create topics. To perform this action, one must navigate to the forum where they would like to create their topic in. They must then click the purple 'New Topic' button, found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Closing Topics

This action is unavailable if one is either:

One performs this action by scrolling down to the very bottom of the topic, underneath the 'New Reply' section. They would then click 'Close Topic'.

A closed topic in the forums.

If one is any of the above (a New Scratcher or a Scratcher who has created a topic less than 24 hours ago) and they would like to close their topic, they must report it to be closed. A moderator will soon close it.

Re-Opening Topics

This action is only available to moderators. If one has accidentally closed their topic, they may report it to be re-opened. A moderator will soon re-open it. When a topic is re-opened, anyone may post on it, as per normal.

Post Count

Each Scratcher on the forums has a number under their profile picture. This is how many posts someone has. The post count will display as such:

  • 0-100 posts - Shows exact number of posts
  • 100-500 posts - Displayed as 100+ posts
  • 500-1000 posts - Displayed as 500+ posts
  • 1000+ posts - Displayed as 1000+ posts


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