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Think ()
think ()
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Think () block is a Looks block and a stack block. The block gives its sprite a thought bubble with the specified text. The thought bubble stays until another speech or thought block is activated, or the stop sign is pressed. This block is identical to the Say () block except that this block gives a thought bubble whereas the other gives a speech bubble.

Example Uses

The Scratch Cat thinking "Hmm..." with the Think block.

As this block gives an everlasting thought bubble, it is used whenever a thought bubble that never ends must be made (e.g. a character that always thinks).

Some common uses are:

  • A creature always making thoughts
when gf clicked
think [What was it that I had for dinner again? Was it thought?]
wait (3) seconds
think [That was a great dinner. Wait, I feel a presence in this project...]
wait (3) seconds
think [It is a player. It can read my thoughts. I must stop now.]
wait (3) seconds
think []
wait (20) seconds
think [I feel that I am alone again.]
wait (3) seconds
think [Ah… Peace.]
  • A sort of picture or a sign
when I receive [reading sign v]
think [<-- Scratch Town  {}  Cave -->]
  • A message that is not wanted to go away
when gf clicked
think [I am an annoying mosquito. Fear me!]
  • Variable length thoughts (such as waiting for a player's action before moving on)
when gf clicked
ask [How hard do you want me to think?] and wait
think [Thinking...]
wait (answer) seconds
think []

Character Limit

A character limit was added for Scratch 3.0, limiting all text to 330 characters or less.[1] This limitation also applies to the following blocks:

  • say ()
  • say () for () seconds
  • think () for () seconds

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