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Gobo's Friends: From left to right: Pico, Tera, Nano, and Giga
Gobo and Gobo's friends in an 2015 April Fools' Day image.

In Scratch 2.0, several new sprites were added to the sprite library. Four of the new sprites were collectively titled "Gobo's Friends". They are drawn by Wing Ngan.[1] Each sprite has four different costumes, one "happy", one "very happy", one "surprised", and one "mad". Pico and Giga also have a walking animation.

Following the renovation of the Scratch Server Internal Error, all of Gobo's Friends had redesigns of them appearing in the Scratch website drawn by Scratch Team members.


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See also: April Fools' Day#2013

Pico is light orange-red, with round ears and a pointed head. In some appearances, they are colored red, such as in the 500 Error page.


Tera is blue, with round, feathery hair.


Nano is gray with orange ears. Nano is the shortest of Gobo's Friends, but is also the widest.


Giga is dark red with pointy hair, similar to Pico.


  • The names for Gobo's Friends are derived from metric prefixes for powers of 10:
    • "Pico" means 10−12
    • "Nano" means 10−9
    • "Giga" means 109
    • "Tera" means 1012
  • Pico is sometimes considered a symbol of trickery, due to the April Fool's Day prank of 2013.

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