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Yes Resolved (since 23:03, 14 August 2021 (UTC))
Comments have been added! Case in point--this comment!

Hello, I actually think that the template could have a parameter, which would allow to add a comment. For example, if I would want to say "Resolved, the user is inactive", then I would want to do something like that:

Yes Resolved, the user is inactive

Feedback is welcome.
Ahmetlii logo.gif ahmetlii  Talk  Contributions  Directory 
18:33, 14 August 2021 (UTC)

I think this is a great idea as it would provide greater flexibility for users of the template. My only worry is that putting the comment on the same line as the Yes Resolved text would make the template too wide in cases of long comments. Thus, how about we do something like I've added in my sandbox? The comment would be in smaller text on a separate line, and in cases of long comments it would go onto multiple lines. Do you have any thoughts about that? :)
Bigpuppy Logo.png bigpuppy talk ▪︎ contribs 18:49, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
Yes Support. Such a parameter should be added to {{unresolved}} so this can also happen:
 Unresolved (comment) (see all...)

TheTrillion's Profile Picture.png  TheTrillion • Talk • 2,624 contributions • Scratch  18:56, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
Actually, now that I realize it, in my example, long dates will also go onto the next line due to the width requirement. And if we just set the width of the description, that looks weird if the width of the first line is greater than the set width of the description. Of course, we could also just set the width of the whole thing so that it accommodates all dates (even longer ones), but that doesn't seem like the best solution. If anyone knows how to make it so the description automatically follows the width of the first line (whatever that width is), then please let me know. :)
Bigpuppy Logo.png bigpuppy talk ▪︎ contribs 19:03, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
I think your proposal for implementing is far better than my opinion about how to implement it, and would also clarify everything better for an average reader. I think it would be possible to hard-limit the box at a certain pixel via <div width="a certain limit imposed for the box"></div>, however your solution via center tag seems better, as it would be more flexible while maintaining the box's shape properly. I think you could add the already existing scheme on the sandbox into the page if you're willing to do so, as seems like both of us agree about how to add it. :) edit conflict btw, I didn't read the new comments
Ahmetlii logo.gif ahmetlii  Talk  Contributions  Directory 
19:07, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
I set the width in the infobox's style settings, although I hesitate to add it to the template just yet because of the issues brought up in my second comment. Do you know any solution to this issue, like how to make the width of the description (i.e., the second cell in the infobox) follow the width of the first line (i.e., the first cell in the infobox)? If you don't know, that's fine--I don't know how either. :)
Bigpuppy Logo.png bigpuppy talk ▪︎ contribs 19:11, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
Alright, I (kinda) found a way to work around the width limitation and added it to the template. If a date is provided, the width will be 270px. This ensures that dates (in the correct format) will never go onto the next line. Obviously this width doesn't perfectly fit all dates, but I feel it's good enough. If a date is not provided, the width will be 205px. You can now add a comment using the "comment" parameter. :)
Bigpuppy Logo.png bigpuppy talk ▪︎ contribs 22:42, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
I have also now updated {{unresolved}}. Alright, I'm going to mark this discussion as resolved, but if you see a mistake I made, please fix it. Or if you think there's a better way to implement this, feel free to reply to this discussion. :)
Bigpuppy Logo.png bigpuppy talk ▪︎ contribs 23:03, 14 August 2021 (UTC)
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