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This template marks a discussion as unresolved. It is meant to be used in tandem with the {{resolved}} template. If the discussion is not in the User or User talk namespaces, it also adds the page to the hidden category Category:Pages With Unresolved Discussions. If the page should not be added to the category and is not in the "User talk" namespace, add the cat=no parameter. If the "see all..." link should not be provided, add the link=no parameter. A comment can be provided using the comment parameter.


What is the meaning of life?

 Unresolved (see all...)
I still don't know what the meaning of life is...

Hi, everyone. I was just curious as to what the meaning of life is? I'm honestly really confused about this, and haven't been able to find the answer anywhere online. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.
Wikian 1 (talk | contribs)

Wikian 2 (talk | contribs)
The Scratch Wiki is the meaning of life.
Wikian 3 (talk | contribs)
Life has no inherent meaning.
Wikian 4 (talk | contribs)
I still don't know what the meaning of life is... :/
Wikian 1 (talk | contribs)