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The Suggestions forum is a forum in the Scratch Discussion Forums where Scratchers can suggest improvements for future releases of Scratch or its website and forums.


Unlike most forums, the Suggestions forum only contains one type of topic — suggestions.

Most suggestions fall under these categories:

  • Improvements to the next version of the Scratch Editor (e.g. new blocks, a pause button, more tools in the Paint Editor)
  • Improvements to the Scratch Website (e.g. seeing the comment that replied to you, changing how the "What the Community is _________" rows work)
  • Improvements to Studios (e.g. demoting managers, removing studio activity messages, ideas for improving the studio reply limit)
  • Improvements to the Scratch Forums (e.g. changing the forum color, adding more forums, ideas for improving the Sixty-Second Rule)
  • Improvements to moderation (e.g. banning certain franchises, removing the automatic project censoring system, ideas for making Contact Us more efficient)

In the Scratch 2.0 alpha, Suggestions was the only forum available. Because of this, some of the older topics found are not suggestions.[1][2][3][4]

Scratch Suggestions

Main article: Scratch Suggestions

In the 1.4 forums, a sticky was made in the Suggestions forum introducing Scratch Suggestions, a place where Scratchers could create suggestions and vote for others. Scratch Suggestions closed soon after the release of Scratch 2.0 for an unknown reason.

Feedback Forum

The Suggestions forum used to be called the Feedback forum in the days of the 2.0 Beta. The description of the forum back then was, "Share your thoughts and impressions of the Scratch 2.0 beta."[5]


Main article: Duplicate Topic

The Scratch Team discourages making multiple topics for the same suggestion, or making "duplicate" topics. Many users who make suggestions do not check to see if their idea had been suggested beforehand, so they are typically redirected to the original topic to continue the discussion there. This keeps the conversation organized.[6]


Although Suggestions is a single-purpose forum spanning only one type of topic, it has a large amount of activity as many Scratchers post to help improve Scratch with their ideas.


The Scratch Team considers the upsides and downsides to suggestions before implementing them, and they have other priorities, so a large amount of suggestions receive little or no comments from the Scratch Team. As a result, some users wish for the Suggestions forum to be removed entirely, since they do not think most suggestions will be implemented in the first place.[7] Removing the Suggestions forum has been rejected by the Scratch Team. [8]

There is a sticky in the Suggestions forum called Why most suggestions fail which gives an explanation to why most suggestions on Scratch are not implemented.

Example Posts

Example Request

Hello! I would like to suggest to the Scratch Team to add a block like: <mouse up? :: sensing> which senses if the mouse is currently up. It would be really useful for something like this;

wait until <mouse down?>
say [Hold to keep running!]
wait until <mouse up? :: sensing>
say [Whew! That was fun]

Thanks for considering!

Example Responses

Here are some examples of good responses to suggestions:

I like this idea! It is very useful in _____. Also, I think it can be improved in ______.
Even though this suggestion solves ______, there is a problem: ______, which can be solved by doing ________.

It is not constructive to say something such as:

Good idea! This is very useful
No support. This suggestion is not a good idea

Instead, a user should provide an explanation of why they support or do not support a suggestion because the Scratch Team considers the users' feedback in suggestions, not the amount of supporters.[9]

Users should give constructive feedback, explaining how the suggestion is useful and/or how can improve. It is not constructive for someone to say that they support the suggestion because "it is a good idea".

This sticky explains how to make a good response to a suggestion.


Some Scratchers have posted lists of unrelated suggestions in the Suggestions Forum; however, these are discouraged by the Scratch Team as each suggestion does not always get individual attention.[10] However, lists of related suggestions are allowed.[11] Additionally, "suggestion hubs" (topics which ask for other users to make suggestions rather than making a suggestion in the original post) are not allowed and will be closed.[12]

Rejected Suggestions

See also: List of Officially Rejected Suggestions

Rejected suggestions are the suggestions that the Scratch Team has publicly refused to implement. As a result, these suggestions will not be added to Scratch, so users are not supposed to suggest these ideas again. The most notable rejected suggestions are documented in a stickied topic titled "The Official List of Rejected Suggestions", where each suggestion is given a short yet detailed explanation of why it is rejected.[13]

Accepted Suggestions

As a counterpart to The Official List of Rejected Suggestions, some users have expressed interest in a list of accepted suggestions. However, creating such a list is a rejected suggestion since everything on the site had been suggested at some point, so it would essentially be a list of all of Scratch’s features, which most users would not find helpful.[14]

See Also


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