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Studio Trends are trends that are created through a studio. Unlike project trends, some studio trends aren't spread to other studios and only spread in the original studio. These studios often have overall goals, for example, adding a certain number of managers before a certain time.

Add Everything

Main article: Add Everything Studios

An Add Everything studio allows all projects to be added no matter what genre or style it is. They sometimes have a goal for the number of projects in the studio (now made difficult to track with the project number system change). This trend is controversial and resulted in many protests[citation needed]. However, it has inspired similar trends such as 'Add All Curators' and 'Add All Comments'.

Add All Curators

Add All Curators studios are a variation of Add Everything studios, and are also controversial. However, instead of adding as many projects as possible, the goal of the studio is to add as many curators as possible. Some people think these types of studios are annoying,[citation needed] as they spam their notifications with studio invites. A slight variation includes managers instead of curators, where everyone is promoted as a manager upon joining (Made almost impossible by the studio update that meant studios could only have up to 40 managers at once).

Celebration Studios

These studios are widely popular around Scratch. When a Scratcher reaches their 50th follower, 100th follower, etc. mark, they often celebrate by creating a celebration studio. Normally, the owner of the studio throws out a list of fun ideas that they might try. Such as Art Requests, or Art Trades, and sometimes even Q&A. These are sometimes referred to as milestone studios.

Car Companies

Car company studios are fictional car "companies" where participants will draw and design cars and add the company logo to the project with the car, and publish and add it to the respective studio. Car company studios have possibly started with a studio by the Spanish user Hugo_Oyon, with the Declasse studio.[1] The studios were expanded after Hugo_Oyon and another car-liking user xXLamboFanXx started a studio entitled "LFM Automotive",[2] a studio made for more car designs. The first LFM model was entitled the LFM Primero.[3] Several other designs came soon after, including remixes of the Primero, which now has over 65 remixes,[4] and after a short while, a few more users joined LFM Automotive. A few users made their own companies, while other users also made sections such as Linos Tuning Co.[5] and Marina Motors.[6] There are also a few groupings of two companies such as LamboFan-SomeChevys Motors.[7] There are also branches for things like trailers.[8]

Can we Reach [large number] Managers Before [date]?

'Can we reach [large number] managers before [date]?' studios set a challenge if the studio can reach a certain number of managers before a certain year. These studios invite as many users as fast as they can. Not many of these studios currently exist due to a recent studio update which limited the number of managers in a studio to 40.


Many users oppose or dislike these types of studios. Some find them annoying because they clog up people's inboxes with studio activity, or because they think that they are pointless. Multiple Scratchers have suggested to ban these kinds of studios[9][10] (as well as 'Add everything!' studios and 'Add all curators!' studios), but the Scratch Team chose not to as they are ultimately harmless.

Invite for Prizes

Some users have created studios that, when people invite others, they get prizes (for example, 20 invites for 2 follows). This has been widely looked down upon in the Scratch community[citation needed], and may be fake, due to the fact that most of these studios change the name to something else, not actually giving you any prizes, making it look like a lot of people support the studio[citation needed]. Loves, favourites, follows, and other social actions are not allowed to be prizes as they can be used to manipulate community statistics.


Another recent trend is based on the past happenings in the world, the Black Lives Matter protests. Scratchers have made many studios supporting Black Lives Matter, and honoring George Floyd. These studios are supported by the Scratch Team[citation needed] and became a studio trend.

Unnoticed Scratchers

Another common type of studio is an "Unnoticed Scratchers" studio. These kind of studios invite Scratchers with few followers and encourage them to add their underrated projects to the studio. This continues, thus making the projects very popular due to the vast network of users within the studio. These are quite similar to Add Everything studios.

The [type of person] of Scratch

One of the other studio trends is the [type of person] of Scratch. They can be anything ranging from bakers to athletes. These studios invite all the people in that group on Scratch and encourage them to use the studio for the studio's chosen type of person related things. A few examples are:

  • The bakers of Scratch.
  • The athletes of Scratch.
  • The authors of Scratch.
  • The birders of Scratch.
  • The artists of Scratch.

There are a lot more, which have often been featured.

Dress up Studios

Dress up studios are studios that add dressing up games. These studios are often "Allow everyone to add projects" that allow everyone to curate and add their dress up projects. They sometimes also allow character creators to be added, which are similar to dress up projects.

Icon makers

These are often part of dress up studios, but can also be added to a separate studio. In these studios, most of the projects are icon makers or design your own [object].


Another of the studio trends is a [something] army. Commonly, it's about an animal, game character (like Sans, Mario or Sonic), thing, etc. It often has state armies and enemy armies[citation needed].

Notebook Studios

This thumbnail is usually used on notebook studios.

On April 26th, 2022, former Scratch Team member Za-Chary created a studio called "notebook (za-chary)" which he decided to create to record his thoughts. Several other Scratchers took note of this and decided to make their own notebook studios. They usually follow the same formula; The studio is named "notebook (username in lowercase)", and the thumbnail is an image of text displaying the word "notebook". The comments are usually locked; whenever the user wants to make a new post, the user unlocks the comments, posts today's date and their text, then locks them again.


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