Stop All Sounds
stop all sounds
Category Sound
Type Stack
Introduced in 1.0

The stop all sounds block is a stack block and a Sound block. The block will stop any sounds currently being played on all sprites and the stage. Pressing the Stop Sign or the stop () block will also stop all sounds but is not usually used for the purpose of stopping sounds as it will stop all scripts as well.

Example Uses

As this block stops all playing sounds, it is widely used when a music track (and sound effects) must cease. This is often for events such as pausing the project or muting it.

Some common uses for the Stop All Sounds block:

  • Stopping any playing sounds before the project moves to the next scene (used in animation)
when I receive [attack v]
stop all sounds
start sound (music v)
broadcast (shark v)
  • Stopping songs that are playing in a music player project
when I receive [pause v]
stop all sounds
switch costume to (not playing music v)
  • In a project that provides the option of music being on or off, turning off the music
when green flag clicked
    if <(mute) = [yes]> then
        stop all sounds


Some users have suggested a block which could stop a certain sound.[1] It would look like this:

stop sound (pop v)::sound


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