This article is about the feature in the Scratch editor. For the feature in the Sound Editor, see Sound Editor#Features.

A sound effect is an effect for sounds. They were released in Scratch 3.0. There are currently two sound effects: pitch and pan left/right.

Related Blocks

The following blocks interact with sound effects:


The pitch effect warps the pitch upwards or downwards depending on the value of the effect by changing the speed a sound plays. Positive values shift audio higher in pitch, while negative values shift audio lower in pitch.

A change of 10 corresponds to one half-step. In order to go up a whole octave, the pitch effect must be set to 120, since there are 12 half-steps in an octave. A value of 100 will sound like a minor 7th. Same goes for negative values: to lower a sound by an octave, use a value of -120.

The maximum the pitch effect can go is 360 and the minimum is -360.[1] The pitch the sounds play as stay at 360 or -360 if the pitch effect is set to higher than 360 or lower than -360.

Pan Left/Right

The pan effect causes the audio to shift towards the left or right output track, depending on the value of the effect. Positive values shift audio to the right and negative values shift audio to the left. A value of -100 will shift the audio completely towards the left track, while 100 shifts the audio towards the right track. 0 is the default value, and doesn't affect the audio.

Like the pitch effect block, the pan effect block has limits. The minimum the pan effect can go is -100 and the maximum it can go is 100.[2] Setting the effect to higher than 100 or lower than -100 does not change how the sound will shift any more than just setting it to -100 or 100.

Other Effects

In the Scratch 3.0 beta, there were four other effects: Echo, Reverb, Fuzz, and Robot. All of these old effects were removed on June 23, 2017 and were not included in the final release of Scratch 3.0.

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