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A slider, and how they are created

A sliding variable is a variable monitor type that contains a slider beneath the variable monitor.

Note Note: The slider can only change the variable value to numbers, instead of Strings.

Making a Sliding Variable

A variable slider can be created by right-clicking a variable's monitor, then selecting "slider" from the Context Menu that appears.

Changing the Slider Range

To change the slider range of a sliding variable, one can right click the sliding variable again and select the "change slider range" from the context menu that appears.

The dialog after one selects the "Change slider range" option from the context menu.

From there, one can change the minimum and maximum value of the slider.

Note Note: By adding a decimal to the min and max (this can be .00), the slider can be set to a decimal. However, they can only have two digits past the decimal point.

Example Uses

This monitor type can be used to create a toggle for an option:

when green flag clicked
  if <(show cat) = (1)> then
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