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This article or section documents an outdated version of Scratch (version 1.4). For this article in the current version (version 3.0), see Hidden Features (3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Hidden Features (2.0).

Scratch 1.4 had many "secrets" included with it, ranging from reaching the System Browser to editing the color of various parts of the Scratch user interface. Most of them relied on the ⇧ Shift key; the Shift-Click-R sequence relied on it, the deletion of multiple sprites required it, and many other tricks do. These tricks are most commonly called Shift Secrets.

Paint Editor

There were many secrets in the paint editor. Many were listed in the Scratch Secrets forum thread, such as how to choose a custom size percentage for an image or a custom amount of degrees of which to rotate it.

An image of the Paint Editor after it has been modified.

Programming Features

The tricks that could be found outside the Paint Editor.


The area to be Shift-clicked

If a Scratcher shift-clicked the R in the Scratch logo around the upper-left of the programming interface, a window would appear. If one selected "Turn Fill Screen Off", modifications of the Scratch program and interface could be made - such as enabling Mesh.

Shift-click-R before 1.4

Main article: Shift-Click-R
Shift-Click-R in 1.2

Prior to Scratch 1.4, many other features could be found by using the "Set MIDI port" option. Experimental blocks and such could be viewed as well, but all this was lost with Scratch 1.4 - however, there are other ways to access those areas.[citation needed]

Editing text

Text could be sometimes be edited by holding shift and selecting text.

Other cases of text editing were published in tutorial projects. One such tutorial instructs users on how to change the list of default upload tags in the project uploading box.

By turning the Fill Screen feature off and alt-clicking the Scratch logo, one could reach the logo painting area; users were able to change the Scratch logo in their copy of Scratch.

Note Note: Some users needed to shift+click or right-click the Scratch logo.

Growing and shrinking Sprites

When using the "Grow sprite" or "Shrink sprite" tools, ⇧ Shift could be held to make a drastic change in growth.

Flash Player

See also: Flash Player

Full Screen

The player could be put into full screen (not just enlarged) by pressing shift and the Go Full Screen.png button. However, input (buttons and answers) would not work.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode could, and still can, be turned on by shift-clicking the Green Flag. Shift-clicking the flag again turns turbo mode off. Turbo Mode increases the speed of some blocks. It can be useful for complicated calculations.

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