Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

Shift-Click-R was a feature in Scratch 1.x that allowed Scratchers to access the Squeak workspace and do a variety of things, including editing the source code in the System Browser, re-gaining obsolete blocks, enabling mesh or creating new blocks.

Note Warning: This is not recommended for beginners to Squeak. Changing settings by Shift-Click-R can change important settings and "break" your copy of Scratch. If this happens, reinstall Scratch. To be safe, edit the Source Code version of Scratch rather than the user version.

Accessing the System Browser

The area to be shift-clicked.
  1. Hold ⇧ Shift and click the rounded bit of the R in the Scratch logo (look at the top left corner).
  2. Click "Turn fill screen off".
  3. Click the white area that appears at the right and bottom of the window.
  4. Click open....
  5. Click browser
  6. The System Browser appears — this is where one can edit the code.

Turn Error Catching Off

The "turn error catching off" option in the Shift-Click-R menu turned off the error catching, which turned a block red if there was something wrong with the input values, or if it could not execute the block for some other reason.

Error handling

If a script error came up, a red outline would appear:


When off, this error debugger, or a similar error debugger, would appear instead of the script turning red:

Division by 0 error with error catching off.png

Save Image for End-User

When the R was shift-clicked, one of the options was "save image for end-user." This saved any changes made to the IMAGE file in the user mode so that when it was opened, it will always open like the 'turn fill screen off' button. This feature was used in programming Scratch modifications to create the .image file.[citation needed]

Note Warning: Undoing the changes that you have made can be hard and sometimes impossible. If this occurs, simply reinstall Scratch.

Shift-click-R before 1.4

Shift-Click-R in 1.2

Prior to Scratch 1.4, many other features could be found by using the "Set MIDI port" option. Experimental blocks and such could be viewed as well, but all this has been lost with Scratch 1.4's release — however, there are other ways to access those areas.[citation needed]

In Scratch 1.0 and Scratch 1.0.1, this menu was accessed by shift-clicking the Extras menu before Shift-Click-R was implemented in 1.0.2.

Alt-Click/ Command-Click

Main article: Alt-Click

If the fill screen is turned off Alt on Windows, or on Mac is held down, and an area of the Scratch program is clicked, some icons show up. Clicking them pulls up certain menus and allows certain actions, like resizing a window.[citation needed]

Squeak Morph Examples

Main article: Scratch Morph
The Tetris morph in Scratch.

Under the 'new morph' category in the World Menu, there are many morphs which can be added to the Scratch GUI.

Note Warning: The FrameRateViewer morph cannot be easily removed, so it is recommended that those who plan to use it should not save Scratch.

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