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"Set Pen Color to ()" redirects here. For the obsolete block with a number input, see Set Pen Color to () (number input block).
Set Pen Color to ()
set pen color to [#ff0000]
Category Pen
Type Stack

The Set Pen Color to () block is a Pen block and stack block. The block sets the pen's color to the given color, which can be selected by clicking on the input.

Example Uses

As this block can change the pen's color, it is mainly used when the pen is drawing something and a different color is desired.

Some common uses for the Set Pen Color to () block are:

  • Creating different objects by using different pen colors (such as a tile that can be colored to look like ice or fire)
set pen color to [#00ffff]
repeat (360)
    move (1) steps
    turn cw (1) degrees
  • Choosing the color of objects drawn by the pen
set pen color to [#3aff8c]
repeat until <not <mouse down?>>
    go to (mouse-pointer v)

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