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"Set Instrument to ()" redirects here. For the obsolete block with a number input, see Set Instrument to () (number input block).
Set Instrument to ()
set instrument to ( v)
Category Music
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Set Instrument to () block is a Music block and a Stack block. The block changes the instrument that the Play Note () for () Beats block will play.

The Play Drum () for () Beats block is not affected by the Set Instrument to () Block; it has its own instruments in a drop-down menu.

A sprite can play only one instrument at a time. In order to play multiple instruments at once, it is necessary to have multiple sprites or clones of a single sprite.

Available Instruments

The Set Instrument to () Block has a drop-down menu where users can select an instrument available to this specific block, each having their own unique number, visible in a (#) format before the common name of the instrument. Those instruments include:

  1. (1) Piano
  2. (2) Electric Piano
  3. (3) Organ
  4. (4) Guitar
  5. (5) Electric Guitar
  6. (6) Bass
  7. (7) Pizzicato
  8. (8) Cello
  9. (9) Trombone
  10. (10) Clarinet
  11. (11) Saxophone
  12. (12) Flute
  13. (13) Wooden Flute
  14. (14) Bassoon
  15. (15) Choir
  16. (16) Vibraphone
  17. (17) Music Box
  18. (18) Steel Drum
  19. (19) Marimba
  20. (20) Synth Lead
  21. (21) Synth Pad

Example Uses

As this block changes the instrument, it is mainly used in projects that require multiple instruments.

Some common uses for the Set Instrument to () block:

  • Projects where a change of instrument is needed
  • Projects where you control instruments
  • Making music with multiple instruments
  • Making sound effects

Obsolete Version

set instrument to ( v):: sound
The obsolete "Set Instrument to ()" block.
Main article: Set Instrument to () (number input block)

In the switch from Scratch 1.4 to Scratch 2.0, some of the instruments were not available in Flash. To deal with this, there are two versions of the drum block. The obsolete one is the one that was used in Scratch 1.4 projects.

This block could play any of the 128 general MIDI instruments.

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