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This article is about the sound block. For the Looks block, see Set () Effect to () (Looks block).
Set Effect () to ()
set [pitch v] effect to ()
Category Sound
Type Stack
Introduced in 3.0

The Set Effect () to () block is a Sound block and a stack block that was released in Scratch 3.0. It sets the specified Sound Effect for all sounds played in that sprite to the specified amount.

Drop-Down Menu

The Set Effect () to () block has a drop-down menu. The options for the Set Effect () to () block's drop-down menu are pan left/right and pitch. The input sets how much the effect is applied.

Pan Left/Right Effect

To fully understand what this effect does, headphones or speakers with multiple channels are needed, as the effect controls whether more sound gets sent to the left ear or to the right ear, or both. When the effect is set to 0, the sound plays as normal; however, -100 sends all the sound to the left ear and 100 sends all the sound to the right ear. A popular use for this block is directional audio, which plays a sound in the direction of what is making the sound relative to the player, however this is more useful in 3D games.

Pitch Effect

What this effect does is self-explanatory: it changes the pitch of sounds. A higher number equals a higher pitch, and a lower number equals a lower pitch. Along with changing the pitch of a sound, it also changes the speed of a sound. A higher number results in a faster speed, and a lower number results in a slower speed.


Some uses for this block are:

  • Changing the pitch of a sound played
set [pitch v] effect to (50):: sound
start sound (Meow v)
  • Playing different sounds in different ears
set [pan left/right v] effect to (100):: sound
start sound (Pop v)
set [pan left/right v] effect to (-100):: sound
start sound (Meow v)

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