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Set () Effect to ()
set [color v] effect to (0)
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Set () Effect to () block is a Looks block and a stack block. The block sets the specified effect on its sprite or the stage to the amount given. There are seven different effects to choose from: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness, and ghost.

During April Fools' Day 2019, there was an option in the Account Settings that made ghost, brightness and color effects of the stage apply to the whole editor.

Example Uses

This block is used to set the value of an effect. Some common uses are:

  • Changing the color of a sprite with the color effect
    set [color v] effect to (1)
    say [Want to see a different color?] for (2) seconds
    set [color v] effect to (20)
  • Using the fisheye effect to make a sprite look like it is in water
  • Whirling sprites with the whirl effect
  • Pixelating sprites with the pixelate effect
set [pixelate v] effect to (10)
say [8-Bit is awesome!]
  • Creating the illusion of multiple sprites with the mosaic effect
  • Creating different brightness levels with the brightness effect
if <(light on?) = [yes]> then
    set [brightness v] effect to (50)
    set [brightness v] effect to (-50)
  • Making sprites transparent with the ghost effect
when I receive [Begin! v]
set [ghost v] effect to (50)
say [Boo, I'm a ghost and I'm going to be your guide for your haunted house tour!] for (5) seconds
  • Making sprites fade with the ghost effect
set [ghost v] effect to (0)
repeat (10)
change [ghost v] effect by (-10)
  • Making sprites hide when the green flag is clicked, assuming one of the sprites has some text saying "press the green flag to start!"
when gf clicked
set [ghost v] effect to (100)
When the green flag is clicked, it will hide; pressing the Stop Sign resets all graphic and sound effects to 0, and so the sprite will be seen.
  • When the color effect is set to 1/0 (NaN or Negative Infinity), it changes the sprite to appear in black and white.
set [color v] effect to ((1)/(0))

There can be multiple effects on a sprite at once — effects can be combined to produce more effects.

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