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This tutorial in a nutshell: A tutorial for explaining how to create scrolling backgrounds using lists

What is Scrolling?

Scrolling is the illusion of motion, focused on a player in a plane or field. It achieves this by moving the landscape around the player in the opposite directions it is 'going', to create the effect that the player alone is moving, not the landscape.

Lists vs. Clones

Clones are duplicates of a sprite. However, only 300 clones can be used per project, while lists can have as many as 200,000 items.[1] Below, some pros and cons of using either lists or clones for scrolling are listed.



  • A lot of storage
  • Can store data as well as add / remove it at will
  • Better to control [clarify]


  • When rendering lists as sprites, it takes a while to go through all 200,000 items



  • More familiar to many Scratchers


  • Harder to control [clarify]
  • Limited amount


  1. Create a new project and title it 'Scrolling Lists'
  2. Go into the cat sprite and delete the costumes, leaving the last one blank


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