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The Scripts Team was a Scratch Helper Group, that revolved around helping other Scratchers with their projects. The Scripts Team is currently inactive and all the members were retired. The link to the studio can be found here. On May 16, 2015 speakvisually (a Scratch Team member posted this in the forums. A month after the post by ricarose (another Scratch Team member) posted the following in the forums:

Hi all,

Thank you all for your help with the Scripts Team helper group. We really appreciate all the effort you've put in to help Scratchers with their projects and to help curate the Scripts Workshop.

When we started this group, we saw it as an experiment to figure out how we can help Scratchers help each other in the community. And because this is an experiment, we will continue to reflect, get feedback, and make improvements to this helper group. After some reflection, we have decided to make a couple of changes:

  • Redefining the Scripts Team role (a little bit): At the start of this helper group, the Scripts Team member had two tasks: (1) help curate the Scripts Workshop and (2) help Scratchers with their projects. We want to you to continue doing the first task of helping curate the Scripts Workshop. However, in helping Scratchers with their projects, we want everyone to be able to participate in that, regardless if you are a Scripts Team member or not. (We understand that many discussed this point.) Rather than discouraging potential helpers who are not members, we would like to ask Scripts Team members to help Scratchers help each other—in addition to helping Scratchers directly. Think of the role as a “facilitator of helping.” By helping Scratchers help, they can point Scratchers to resources, make additional suggestions, and find people to help answer questions.
  • Closing down the Scripts Team Studio application process: In talking with helpers and mentors and from our observations, we found that experience helping others is a valuable skill to being a Scripts Team member—just as important (or perhaps more important) than technical expertise with Scratch programming. Rather than having people apply to become Scripts Team members by creating a project, we will invite them based on how Scratchers help others in the Scripts Workshop.

These are just a couple of changes and it's going to take some time to implement them and smooth out the changes—so please be patient with us! Also, these two changes only address some of the social challenges. There are still workflow challenges, like when and how to remove projects, knowing if someone still needs help, etc. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

Thanks for all your help!

– ricarose

Currently, it is unknown if the Scripts Team will return.


The Scripts Team was mainly a test by the Scratch Team to see how Scratchers could help each other out in the community. It helped the Scratch Team get feedback, which may be useful for future Scratch Helper Groups.

Fix-It Project Mania!

In December, CrazyNimbus (a user on Scratch) created a studio along with the help of the Scratch Team based off of the Scripts Team. This studio was very similar to the Scripts Team. People could submit a project and get feedback on their project. Only SDS Curators and Scratch Team Members are allowed to curate the studio. It can be found here.

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