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This article is about the block category in early versions of Scratch. For collections of attached blocks, see Script.
The top block would run those under the bottom block.
Scratch 13Oct04 script with attributes.

In Scratch 14Feb04 and Scratch 13Oct04, scripts was a block category. The scripts category contained blocks that caused a sprite to take actions as prescribed by the blocks under the corresponding hat block. The scripts category would always be the rightmost in the order listed above the Block Palette.

On creating a new project, the scripts category would initially contain no blocks.

A new block could be added to the scripts category by clicking an arrow in the upper-right corner of the code area, then selecting "new script hat" from the options in the resulting context menu. This would add a block named "script1" (or "script" joined with a different number if there was already a "script1" block) to the scripts category, and a matching hat block to the code area.

A new block would also be added to the scripts category when the user selected "new event hat" from the previously mentioned context menu. The event hat block added to the code area would have a stack block in the scripts category, named for the color of the flag to be detected. A scripts stack block linked to an event hat would tell the sprite that used it to act as it would had the block's flag been waved, in effect waving the block's flag only to the sprite that used the block.

The blocks in the scripts category were specific to the sprite currently selected for the Blocks Palette. In other words, the addition of a block to the scripts category for one sprite would not cause the block to appear for any other sprite.

Once a script would be created, one may right-click the hat block of a script to bring up a context menu, from which additional options can be selected, such as creation of parameters and renaming of the script. The caller block may also be right-clicked, once again bringing up a context menu; this time including options to change the block to one that starts or stops that script, and change it to a "[scriptname] is running" block: a boolean reporter that returns true if the script of the script block it originated from is currently running, and false if not.

The Scripts category was removed in Scratch 28Feb05. Procedures would not be added back until Scratch 2.0.

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