A screamer, also known as a jumpscare, is a project where an image suddenly appears along with a random sound (traditionally a scream—hence the name "screamer"). These projects are usually made to scare/surprise people, or to make a person laugh. Screamers can be fun and enjoyable, but they should not be too distressful or otherwise inappropriate, as Scratch is an all-ages website. Screamer projects that are inappropriate or too scary should be reported.[1]

The concept of a "screamer" is not unique to Scratch; the first notable ones were made starting from the year 2002. Today, they are a common phenomenon on YouTube and other video hosting websites.

Note Caution: Due to the restriction of Five Nights at Freddy's projects, screamers are now almost intolerable on Scratch. Please follow the warning in the next section.

Creating a Screamer

Note Warning: Keep in mind that Scratch is a site for all ages. Never use frightening sounds or images. A funny sound or a comical scream that goes along with a cartoony drawing can be played, but never use images that would appear in real screamers. Failure to follow these rules will likely get the project unshared, and lead to alerts or bans.

To create a screamer, one can make a normal animation, then add a new sprite, which a 480x360 filled rectangle with the "scream" image. Finally, they should add this code:

when gf clicked
when I receive [scream v]
play sound (scream v) // optional
forever // also optional
go to [front v] layer

When the animation is over, the message scream should be broadcast for the scream image to appear, along with the scream sound.

An example can be found here.


  1. Paddle2See. (21/4/2012). "Projects that show some really bloody or gross picture combined with a loud scary scream are too intense for some Scratchers and shouldn't be on the Scratch site - please flag them." ar-post:1215919
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