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Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. The Scratch Team has many accounts on social media to share updates and other messages related to Scratch.


A screenshot of the Scratch Team's Twitter profile

The Scratch Team operates an account, @scratch,[1] on Twitter, also known as X. The account is used for posting announcements, downtimes on the Scratch Website, retweeting feedback, and answering questions by Scratchers. It has over 118,000 followers and has made over 1,500 tweets. It self-describes as:

Official account of Scratch, the programming language & online community where young people create stories, games, & animations. Created by @llkgroup @medialab

– Scratch's Twitter account


The account's first tweet was made on July 22, 2008. It said, "Getting ready for the Scratch@MIT conference." The account has gradually become more popular, now having over 118 thousand followers and 800 tweets. The Scratch Team follows nearly 1,000 Twitter accounts, mostly professors and education-related individuals and organizations.[2] The Scratch Team has always had have a background depicting the Scratch program, though only visible in the browser and not the Twitter app. The account is still active, and they often retweet teachers who tweet about Scratch in the classroom or how Scratch has enlightened learning in schools.[citation needed]

Scratch Wiki

The Scratch Wiki has a Twitter account, @ScratchWiki,[3] which is separate from the main @scratch account. It is run by the Wiki Administrator MakeTheBrainHappy on behalf of the Wiki administrators. The posts mainly feature article suggestions, helpful resources, and retweets from those discussing either the main website or the Wiki.


The Scratch Team has an official YouTube channel where they share updates about Scratch, including Scratch Video Updates and short promotional videos about Scratch. The Scratch Team YouTube channel also often posts tutorials on how to make basic projects in Scratch. It currently has over 131,000 subscribers (as of April 21, 2022).[4]

The Scratch Team has an alternate channel, called Scratch for Educators, that was created on May 2022[5], which currently has 208 subscribers (as of May 21, 2022), which has only a Scratch 15th Anniversary Celebration video.[6]


A lot of Scratch Team members own their own individual Facebook pages, including Mitchel Resnick (mres).[7] Adding on to that, Scratch has its own Facebook page, which mainly likes and reposts things about teachers using Scratch in their classroom. As of April 13, 2022, the account had 37,774 likes and 40,532 follows.[8] The account self describes as:

Scratch is a programming environment and online community where kids create, share and remix animations, stories, interactive art and video games.

Created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

– Scratch Team Facebook Account [9]


Like many other subjects on Reddit, Scratch has multiple subreddits about Scratch, ranging from /r/scratch to /r/stuffscratchsays. They are not owned or moderated by the Scratch Team, but rather by Scratchers themselves,[citation needed] and even the /r/scratch subreddit is fairly small with almost 5,000 subscribers (as of August 29th, 2020). Content can be up or downvoted by users, making popular subjects rise to the top and unpopular subjects descend. Content is mostly composed of project links, questions, requests for feedback, and tutorials.

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