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Scratch in Practice (also known as SiP) is a series released each month with a unique theme. It is organized by the Scratch Team and is meant for educators to share their ideas from around the world. It was created on January 25, 2019.[1] The main site was created on February 1, 2019.[2]


The goal of Scratch In Practice is to help educators worldwide incorporate Scratch into their curriculum in a friendly and creative way. Every month, the Scratch Team will share ideas and resources with teachers and educators around the world.[3]

Current Theme

The theme of May 2019 is "Peer Learning."

Past Themes

Scratch Education Collaborative

The Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC) is an initiative part of Scratch in Practice helping to identify and eliminate barriers to access of creative coding for historically underrepresented communities. It is comprised of many organisations from several countries. The section is available here.


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