The user interface of the VisualEditor.

VisualEditor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for MediaWiki. It lets newer editors to edit without memorizing or looking up wiki markups. It is one of the two available edit modes, along with source editing.


VisualEditor is available in the following namespaces as of November 2023:

  • Main
  • User
  • Category
  • File
  • Scratch Wiki (Project)

VisualEditor does not work on talk pages and these namespaces:

  • MediaWiki
  • Template
  • Help

Skin Support

VisualEditor was originally designed for the default MediaWiki skins, which have the best support for it. ScratchWikiSkin2 (the default skin on the Scratch Wiki) supports VisualEditor fairly well, but there are still issues waiting to be fixed.

Known Issues

  • VisualEditor does not currently render the <scratchblocks> tag and does not support adding blocks to articles.
  • VisualEditor does not work in transcluded and big pages.
  • VisualEditor leaves an awkward space at the top of the page after editing on ScratchWikiSkin, which disappears if the page is reloaded.

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