"S:SPECIAL" redirects here. For a list of special pages provided by the Wiki software, see Special:SpecialPages.

The Special Pages page is a tool that lists all of the special pages, and it can be found here. Links in bold are restricted special pages that are only available to certain user groups, so if you're in an extra user group, a few restricted special pages with bold links will probably show up if the user group gives you access to another. There are 11 sections in the page:

  1. Maintenance reports
  2. Lists of pages
  3. Login / create account
  4. Users and rights
  5. Recent changes and logs
  6. Media reports and uploads
  7. Data and tools
  8. Redirecting special pages
  9. High use pages
  10. Page tools
  11. Other special pages


You can find the page in the tools section on the left side of the Wiki, as it is linked there. But, you can find it at Special:SpecialPages, too.

What it can be used for

  • Quick access. — It can be used for quickly accessing the list of special pages, and getting to a special page more conveniently, if you don't want to change the URL or use the search bar.
  • Finding out what the special pages are, so if you're needing to know what the special pages are, you can use this page.
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