Scratch Wiki Projects (SWPs) are organized projects on the wiki that one or more people work on. Possible examples of Scratch Wiki Projects are articles in the mainspace, projects resulting from Community Portal discussions, or any other wiki-related projects.


An SWP could be located in many different places on the wiki. This could be someone's userspace, the mainspace, or somewhere else.

There are three places a project is shown: the results page, the talk page, and the project's topic in the Community Portal.


Scratch Wiki Projects are made up of specific parts:

  • The project name
    • This is used to identify the project and provide a short description of it.
  • The project number
    • This is used to identify the project in a concise way without having to use the name.
  • The project description
    • This is used to explain the project in a more descriptive way than the name.
  • The project results page
    • This is where people work on the project and where the results of said work are available.
    • A results page could be a mainspace article, a subpage of a userpage, or somewhere else.
  • The project page
    • This is where the SWP template is located. It is located at a subpage of the results page (/project).
  • The project talk page
    • This is where discussion of the project takes place.
    • This is simply be the talk page of the results page.


Anyone on the wiki can participate in Scratch Wiki Projects. However, there are specific roles within projects:

  • The project leader
    • The leader of the project directs everyone working on the project
    • They can assign people to work on the project
  • The project members
    • These are the assigned people that work on the project


The {{SWP}} template is used to identify a Scratch Wiki Project. The base template is available on the project page, and the project page is then transcluded onto the Community Portal topic and the results page. The template lists important information which is described in detail in the template documentation.


To create a project, a user must find something that needs to be worked on and that they are interested in leading. Next, they must add the necessary SWP templates. Generally, they become the leader of the project and can assign others to help work on it.

After an SWP is created, it should be added to the central list of SWPs.

List of Scratch Wiki Projects

An organized list of SWPs is available at /List. The SWP template also automatically adds Scratch Wiki Projects to the categories below according to the parameters provided to the template:

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