The Scratch Wiki is really built by the editors and experienced Scratchers from the main website who dedicate their time improving these pages. We are always striving to receive input from the community of Wikians so that we can provide the kind of environment which fosters more high-quality revisions. In order to attain this goal, we are implementing a way for you to recommend your friends as potential Wikians.

The users whom you decide to recommend should follow the same guidelines as all other applicants: they should have attained the "Scratcher" rank, been on the main website for more than two months, be active, have their profile comments open, have no inappropriate content, and have a good character. Please remember not to recommend any user who already has a wiki account.

If you have three of your recommendations invited, then you will receive the "friend" title until the end of the month in which you made the recommendations. We are not looking for "popular" Scratchers or even Scratchers who have been on the website for ten years. All we ask is that you recommend people whom you feel would be active in the community and would improve the atmosphere.

Are you ready to provide a recommendation? Click here.

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