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February 2018 Election

This is the fifth Scratch Wiki Experienced Wikian election! Scratch Wiki Editors will be elected to the position of Experienced Wikian.


Note Note: The order in which the candidates are listed below is alphabetical, it has no significance whatsoever.
Circle.png bigpuppy (talk | contribs) — Hello, Scratch wiki! I’m really glad you’re reading this, wherever you are in the world. Actually, I should introduce myself; I’m bigpuppy. Over the course of this speech, I will tell you why I personally think I’d be a good Experienced Wikian for our wiki. One reason is because I’ve worked in multiple different collaborations on the Scratch site (There isn’t just one EW on the Scratch wiki; there’s a team of different Wikians, so that’s why I’m mentioning collaborations). Also, if I became an EW, I believe I would try my best to keep the wiki going, and keep it efficient. Thank you for your time.
Circle.png Drunken_Sailor (talk | contribs) — Hey there! I’m Drunken Sailor, a friendly and active Scratcher who has been on the Wiki for over 8 months and has over 3 years’ experience on Scratch. In that time, I have made over 1,000 edits, with 300+ of those being mainspace. In this time, I have also optimised interwiki, translating pages across wikis and interconnecting languages. I have much experience with MediaWiki elsewhere, especially administrative tools, and would be in my element if I was elected. As an EW, I would maintain a friendly and happy Wiki, as well as helping new users. I would also be able to contribute much more to interwiki. Thank you!
Circle.png kenny2scratch (talk | contribs) — Hi! I'm Kenny2scratch. I'm a sysop and bureaucrat of all the international Scratch Wikis. You may ask: if I'm an admin on the interwikis, why do I need to be an EW on this wiki? Answer: since I'm already helping so much with administration on the interwikis, why should this wiki be left out? Additionally, I'm hugely active on the English Scratch Wiki, as you all can see. As an EW, I would have many new capabilities for improving the wiki, like confirming accounts. I know the account request process better than some existing EWs, and would help frequently. Thanks for your consideration, and for voting. Wiki on!
Circle.png -Vuton- (talk | contribs) — Hello! I’m -Vuton-, I’ve been part of scratch for 3 years in total (other accounts). I joined the wiki as I found it helpful, and I wanted it to stay that way. In my time here, I've worked on the help pages, revamped pages, fixed a massive bunch of grammar errors, contributed to discussions, made new pages, welcomed new users and much more. I've also started my own wiki, and have had lots of practice with the markup languages used on this wiki. If chosen, I would make sure to be active, helpful and welcoming at all times. Thank you.
  • Nominations open on January 19th
  • Nominations close on January 26th, and the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators ("election coordinators") decide on a list of candidates to run.
  • The chosen candidates will have one week to write speeches, with the deadline of Feburary 2nd. Then voting will begin!
  • Voting will close on February 9th, and the results will be announced.
Election Rules

By nominating yourself to run in the election or voting in it, you agree to all of the following rules. (The phrase "election coordinator" refers to the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators).

  • The only advertising candidates may do is the speech on the candidates page
    • The speech is limited to 108 words and may only contain text (no images, links, formatted text, etc.)
    • The speech may not reference other candidates in any way - they are designed for the candidates to explain why they should be EWs, not why others shouldn't be.
    • This means that advertising on the Community Portal, userpages, the Scratch website, etc. is not allowed.
  • Any person who has been on the Scratch Wiki for longer than one month and has made more than 50 edits to mainspace articles may nominate themselves.
    • If a lot of people nominate themselves, then the election coordinators will choose some of them to run in the election (the exact definitions of "a lot" and "some" will be chosen as events warrant).
  • Any Wiki contributor whose Wiki account was created before the beginning of nomination period may vote in the election (yes, we will check).
  • No user may vote in the place of another user (i.e. everyone must be logged in as the user they are voting for).
  • Only the election coordinators may play any sort of official role in the election. This includes...
    • Announcing the results at any point (you're welcome to count them yourself, but you aren't allowed to post or comment about them until the election is over and the results have been officially posted)
    • Saying anything about anyone's votes (if someone ineligible votes or otherwise violates these rules, do not deal with it yourself - get an election coordinator)
    • Telling candidates that they have to change something because it breaks the rules (e.g. speech guidelines, forbidden advertising, etc.)
  • Remember one of the core Wiki rules: If in doubt, ask before doing it.

Voting opens on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. Voting will use the Borda count system. In brief, voters will rank the candidates from 1 (most preferred) to n (least preferred).

Anyone whose account was created before January 19th, 2018 may vote.

Results are available here.

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