This Scratch Wiki page is about the Scratch Wiki blocking policies. For blocks on the Scratch Website, see Ban.

On the Scratch Wiki, a Wiki bureaucrat may decide to block a user from editing. A blocked user is forbidden from editing any pages on the Wiki. However, the user is not blocked from viewing pages. Blocked users are essentially treated as users who are not logged in.

The message shown when blocked users try to edit a page

When users are blocked


Owing to the fact that the Scratch Wiki has a closed account system, requiring users to request an account before registering, malicious actions are fairly rare on the Wiki. However, there have been instances of users vandalizing the Wiki and refusing to follow the Wiki guidelines. If the violations are repeated and the user shows no signs of stopping, then a bureaucrat may block that user.

These bans should only be applied after the user has been notified on their talk page at least once for their actions (and in many cases, multiple times) and continued it anyway, except in cases such as obvious vandalism where the user should be blocked to prevent further damage.

Other reasons

Occasionally, there are blocks that have nothing to do with malicious actions such as vandalism. These usually are caused by users switching accounts or accidental account creation, as account deletion is not possible with MediaWiki.

Main site bans carrying over to the Wiki

In general, users that are blocked on the main site are not blocked on the Wiki. However, users that carry drama about their ban over to the Wiki, try to continue malicious activity on the Wiki, or otherwise attempt to involve the Wiki in the ban will be blocked.

Who can block users

Only bureaucrats may block users on the Wiki. Administrators and Experienced Wikians may not block users, but they are able to request that a bureaucrat block a user.

How users can become unblocked


If a user is blocked for malicious actions, then they need to submit an appeal to the Wiki administration using the contact information given on the block page.

What an appeal should contain

An appeal serves to show the Wiki administration that the blocked user can resume constructively editing. To be considered, an appeal must contain two things:

  1. An explanation of what they did that led to being blocked. This is necessary to show that the user understands what they did wrong.
  2. Assurance that they will not continue their behavior if they are unblocked. This is necessary to ensure that they can safely be allowed to resume editing without potentially causing further harm to the Wiki.

Blocked users may also submit questions as part of their appeal if they are unsure of what they did wrong or any other aspects related to their block.

What an appeal should not contain

An appeal must show that the user accepts responsibility for their actions and has learned from their mistakes. Appeals should not contain the following:

  • Rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate language
  • Attempts to sidestep responsibility or shift blame onto others
  • Nitpicking the reasons that led to the ban or any other actions by others
  • Lying or misrepresentation to appear in a more favorable light

Appeals containing any of the above will not be accepted.

Other requirements to be unblocked

In addition to writing an appeal meeting the above guidelines, users wishing to be unblocked also should do the following:

  • Maintain good behavior on the Scratch Website
  • Avoid harassing Wiki administrators off-Wiki (such as on the Scratch Website)
  • Only discuss the block via the appeals channel and avoid involving other users or bringing it up on the Scratch Website
  • Avoid attempting to use alternate accounts to bypass the block


If the user promises to act better in the future, they will generally have the block set to expire after a week for the first offense. Subsequent offenses are decided at the discretion of the Wiki bureaucrats on a case-by-case basis. In some cases (such as obvious vandalism or clear malicious intent), then the bureaucrats may decide not to unblock the user.

If a user is already blocked on the Scratch website, and the user is blocked on the wiki, the Wiki bureaucrats will decide on the appropriate action after the user is unblocked from the Scratch website.

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