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This page is a list of bugs in the 3.0 Block Plugin. If you have a Github account, add the bug directly to the issue tracker.

Otherwise, click "Edit" at the top to add a bug. Above the code |}, add this code:
|Brief description of bug

The example must be in the form of Scratchblocks.


Move finished discussions to a new archive page.


Bug Description Skin Example
Scratchblocks do not appear correctly when show preview is clicked When a user clickes Show Preview, Scratchblocks do not render, and the source code is shown. However, when preview is showed immediately after edit is clicked, blocks show correctly. All Scratchblocks code bug.png
Scrolling past Scratchblocks is very laggy in Chrome If a user scrolls past scratchblocks using Chrome, the scrolling will become choppy. However, sound is not disturbed. All
Long scratchblock inputs do not appear correctly Scratchblocks inputs and comments with long content are not wide enough to fully contain the text All move (100000000000000000000000000000) steps // This extremely long comment goes out of the space it needs to fit in because of a bug.
Scratchblock spaces do not appear correctly Spaces in scratch blocks are too narrow, making text look differently than what it is supposed to look like All Sb bug.png
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