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When requesting an account on the Scratch Wiki, you are asked to comment a verification code.

What the Verification Code is

Technical idea

The verification code is a SHA-256 hash of random characters. In PHP code, the codes are generated like this[1]:

$code = chunk_split(hash('sha256', random_bytes(16)), 5, ':');
return substr($code, 0, strlen($code) - 1);

The code changes when the web session is reset.

What its purpose is

To prevent user A from requesting an account as user B, all users have to comment a special code. The software checks that user B has commented the code, but since it was commented by user A, user A can't request an account as user B. But when user B tries to request an account, user B will comment the code as their own profile, and the account will be requested successfully. It also serves another purpose, your account name must be the same on the main site and the Wiki. In addition, because of the verification code, banned users are not able to submit account requests on the Wiki.

Make sure you are doing the following

The code must be commented on the project provided; do not comment it anywhere else or the request software will not find it. Also, make sure that it is a new comment and not a reply to an existing comment.

Make sure that there is no other text, your comment must only contain the code. Do not include any whitespace, explanations, or other text.

The code must also be commented by the same user registering; make sure you are not signed in as an alternate account.

It was blocked by the language or phone number filter

If the comment is blocked by any of the filters, reset the web session, wait a couple of minutes and try again. Before that, a new code will be generated. Generally it is very rare that this will happen, so it is unlikely to happen a second time.

If it still isn't working

If the code still does not work, reset the web session and try again. You will be given a new code.

If you still cannot request an account after trying everything listed above, please ask for help here. When commenting, please be sure to mention that you have already read this page.

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