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The official guide to processing account requests.


  • Go to Special:ConfirmAccounts and see if there are any new requests or requests awaiting your response
  • When viewing a request, consider the information in the next section and then choose how to proceed
  • In all cases, select an action (accept, reject, request user comment) and provide a comment explaining your action (you can select a prewritten comment from the dropdown)
    • In the case where a request shows sufficient effort but is missing something significant, select "request user comment" and provide a message explaining what the user was missing.
  • No matter what action was taken, leave a comment on the user's Scratch profile indicating their request was processed (do not include the action taken in this comment) — an example of such a comment can be found at the top of this page

Things to Consider

Consider the following (in order) when reviewing a request:

  • Accounts that are not two months old or are New Scratchers will automatically be blocked from requesting, so that does not need to be checked manually
  • Is the user an alt account of someone who already has a Wiki account? (if so, fully reject immediately)
    • Do not make any exceptions to this rule without approval from the rest of the Wiki administration
  • Is there anything you see that makes you question the user (i.e. something rude/inappropriate on their profile, the user seems to be getting around a ban, etc.)? (if so, fully reject immediately)
  • Do the request notes use proper grammar? (if the grammar has major mistakes, fully reject, but otherwise it isn't that much of an issue as long as it doesn't affect the meaning)
  • In the request notes, does the user properly identify at least 3 flaws in the flawed article and 2 things to add?
    • Saying "I found a grammar error" or "I found a personal opinion" is not clear. — they must actually say where in the article the flaw was
    • Users must actually make sense of what they are talking about.
    • If the specific examples of what they would add to the flawed article are not allowed on the Wiki (e.g. writing about their projects), fully reject if there was little effort, partially reject if it seems like you could get more ideas out of them or explain to them why it's not allowed.
  • Requests that do not fully follow the instructions but clearly made a credible attempt to follow them should be marked as "request user comment" while those that clearly did not attempt to fully follow the instructions should be rejected. How you determine this is up to your discretion.

Handling Invalid Usernames

When a user with a username that MediaWiki cannot recognize (e.g., one with an underscore at the beginning or end) attempts to request an account, an error message will appear telling them to seek help from an administrator. If a user asks you for help requesting an account because of their username, then ask them to use a different account that has a valid username and meets the account request requirements (2 months old or older and Scratcher status).

If they do not have any other accounts that meet the requirements, ask them to tell you the username of an alternate account they have that does not meet the requirements (they can create a new account for this purpose if necessary). Click on "Requirements Bypasses" in the account request queue and add a bypass for their alternate account. Then, ask them to request an account using their alternate account.

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