Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Not to be confused with Suggestions (forum).
The Scratch Suggestions logo.
A screenshot of the site according to the Web Archive.

Scratch Suggestions was a part of the Scratch Website. Using it, any member of the Scratch Community who was not a New Scratcher could contribute suggestions concerning what they felt could improve Scratch. These suggestions could be new functions for Scratch 2.0, the main site or even the forums. Shortly after Scratch 2.0 was launched, the site stopped functioning[citation needed] and the domain no longer exists.


Each user got 10 votes to vote on any idea that they thought was a good one. When voting on an idea, the user could select whether they want to give the idea 1-3 votes.


One could get back some votes if an idea that they voted on was deleted or completed. One could also change their vote on a submission.

Other users could see how many votes someone gave to a suggestion by the orange number on their profile picture when they left a comment. One could also see how many average votes each person gave to a suggestion by looking on the right of the comments.


Users could also comment on other peoples' ideas. This was often used to praise the user's idea, give feedback on perhaps how to improve it, to say that it already exists, or the Scratch Team could use it to tell people whether the idea was rejected, accepted, or completed.


There were 5 categories to view on the site. They are as follows:

  • Top Ideas — Suggestions that had the most votes
  • Hot Ideas — Suggestions that were getting a lot of activity in the form of comments and votes
  • New Ideas — The newest suggestions
  • Accepted Ideas — Suggestions that have been labeled:
    • Under Review — These were labeled dark gray.
    • Planned — These were labeled yellow.
    • Started — These were labeled green.
  • Closed Ideas — Suggestions that have been closed.
    • Completed — These were labeled purple.
    • Declined — They were labeled light gray.

More Information

To discuss ideas, users can visit the Suggestions forum.

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