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The Scratch Stability Team (commonly abbreviated as SST) were a team of Scratchers selected by the Scratch Team to test updates before they are deployed.


The Scratch Stability Team was founded on December 17, 2014. It was originally created as a test to see if a team of Scratchers can successfully locate and describe technical issues — also known as "bugs" — in Scratch.

When the team was still in its beta stage, the Scratch Team wasn't sure if the test would prove successful, so the team had to keep it a secret. If asked, they were allowed to reply, but with limited information. The Scratch Stability Team proved successful and would continue on. More information is now allowed to be given.

Former Scratch Team member RjLance used to lead the Team along with Scratch Team member Paddle2See. RjLance's position is now filled by mewtaylor.[citation needed]

The Scratch Stability Team lost activity in November 2016[1], but was not officially disbanded.


Every two-three weeks the Scratch Team released an update to Scratch. The Scratch Stability Team would test the update and search for technical issues - Bugs - in the update, and describe them before the update is released.

Each team member had to do the following things in order to test each update:

-Create another account just for testing, if you do not already have one. We're going to be asking you to do a lot of weird stuff and you do not want to confuse your followers and friends!

-Pick 2-3 of your projects and run it / play it before the update so that you remember how well it works and will better be able to spot differences created by our updates. Add these projects as favorites on your testing account so you can find them easily later. After the update, we will ask you to run those projects again to make sure they run the same. A group of projects like this that you run after every update is called a “Test Suite”.

– RjLance, on behalf of the Scratch Stability Team.

[citation needed]

The Scratch Team felt that it's good for the members to have a break, so the Scratch Stability team did not operate during the summer. Occasionally, members still used the private forum (see below) to discuss possible bugs and their fixes. When the Team starts back up again in September, members were asked to reply to a thread if they wanted to continue helping. Resigned members will be replaced by new ones.


The comment received when invited to the Scratch Stability Team

Not much is known about the selection process other than the fact that members were chosen by the Scratch Team. It is known that once chosen, future Scratch Stability Team members would receive a comment on one of their projects or their profile page by a Scratch Team member. This comment will ask if the user would like to be a Scratch Stability Team member, and if the answer is yes, they will become one.

Current Members

At the beginning of the Scratch Stability Team, all of the members were selected at once. The first 21 members were:

  • Paddle2See*
  • speakvisually*
  • dolphingirl36*
  • RjLance*
  • sparks
  • CrazyNimbus
  • The_Grits
  • EH7meow
  • Sonickyle
  • golden-scratch
  • technoboy10
  • st19_galla
  • fmtfmtfmt2
  • P110
  • djdolphin
  • ErnieParke
  • KingOfAwesome58219
  • BlueDogXL
  • Lucario621

In September 2015, 3 other members joined, they were:

  • Really_A
  • Dylan5797
  • CatsUnited

In January 2016, RjLance* left and mewtaylor* took his place. That makes a total of 18 members.

Past Members

  • golden-scratch
  • samanyolu
  • RjLance*
  • sparks
  • Lucario621
  • P110
  • ErnieParke

"*" denotes a Scratch Team member.

Scratch Stability Team Studio

The Scratch Stability Team created a studio to organize all of their testing projects. The team commonly posts test comments and various other tests in the studio. The studio is located here.

Scratch Stability Team Forum

An image of the Scratch Stability Team forum.
At the top of the main forums, there is a forum for the Scratch Stability Team. Like the Scratch Mentors Forum, this forum is only accessible by the Scratch Team and the Scratch Stability Team. Mainly, it is used to talk about the updates as they are released, report and detail Bugs, and links to the updates before they are released.

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