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Scratch Resources was a website created by the Scratcher JSO and assisted by fellow Scratchers adriangl, fg123, and ihaveamac. Scratch Resources provided sprites, sounds, scripts, and backgrounds. The objective of this site was to provide Scratchers with readily available resources for their project. While Scratchers could always draw their own items and find their own sounds, the site made the whole process a lot easier and saved time as well. Users could also contribute new resources for others to use.

Scratch Resources Team

The Scratch Resources Team was made up of 4 users: JSO, adriangl, fg123, and ihaveamac.

  • JSO: JSO was the founder and creator of Scratch Resources. He was the lead administrator and lead programmer.
  • adriangl: adriangl was the second administrator of Scratch Resources. He was also a programmer and moderator.
  • ihaveamac: ihaveamac was the third administrator of Scratch Resources. He was a resource leader (Scratch Savers) and a moderator.
  • fg123: fg123 was the fourth administrator, chosen in late March 2010. He was also a programmer and a moderator.

About Scratch Resources

The About Page from the Scratch Resources website read:

Welcome to Scratch Resources!

The goal of Scratch Resources is to extend the sharing possibilities Scratch already supports. You are now able to share and download sprites, sounds, music, backgrounds, and scripts, next to just Scratch projects. All this sharing could turn every Scratch project into a collaborative project using elements from others all over the world. This was already possible on by putting your music in a Scratch project but we think it is important to provide a different platform, fulfilling the needs of sharing Scratch 'resources'.

We also want to provide you a place where you can find tutorials on all aspects of Scratch from basic to advanced. Helping others is an essential part of Scratch but the current Scratch site does not (yet) support a place to share tutorials.

By sharing something on Scratch Resources, you offer it to the whole Scratch community for use in their projects. While giving credit is nice not everyone does so. And, since you're sharing sprite, sound and image files, no "based upon..." text will be displayed. Feel honored when people use your 'resources'. If the sprite you are uploading is not made by you (e.g.: you made a sprite with a sprite sheet split up into costumes) try to credit the original author in the resource notes.

When downloading something from Scratch resources, keep in mind people have put time and effort in the resource you are downloading. Just like with Scratch projects, always try to give credit: in the project notes, or in the project itself. Scratch on!

– Scratch Resources[1]


There were 4 main pages on the Scratch Resources site. Here is a quick overview of them:

Home Page

The home page showed a large search bar, a top downloaded section, and a recent uploads section. It also contained some useful links by the side.

Resources Page

The resources page was more like the main page. It showed the newest sprites, sounds, scripts, and backgrounds along with stats and a sidebar with links to browse all resources.

Share Page

The share page was simple. It had links, one leading to the resource upload page, and the other to the tutorial upload page.

About Page

The about page described the goal of Scratch Resources and gave information about Scratch Resources.

Uploading Resources

Sprites, Sounds, Scripts and Backgrounds

One must fill out an upload form (file, name, etc.), and then submit it. The resource will then wait for approval from a moderator or administrator — once a resource is approved, it is put up on Scratch Resources. This method is used for sprites, sounds, scripts, and backgrounds.


Adding tutorials was an idea before the official release of Scratch Resources, but is now in consideration. You may now just add projects to various galleries on the Scratch website based on category.

File Extensions

Sprites and scripts can be uploaded with the .sprite extension. Sounds can be MP3 only. Backgrounds can be PNG, JPG (or JPEG), GIF, or BMP.


On the release of Scratch 2.0, the site eventually closed, and the term "Scratch Resources" wasn't common anymore. The Scratch Team planned to implement Scratch Resources into Scratch 2.0[2], however this has not been done.

Web page of

Unofficial Revival

About 2 years after the closure, some users decided to revive Scratch Resources with an unofficial new site called "OpenSprites Resources". The site was originally developed in PHP but was discontinued in favour of Node.js. Development was discussed on the Scratch forums in a thread in the Advanced Topics. On the 6th April 2017, the project was shelved due to a slump in development progress. After being purchased by an unknown buyer, currently no content resides on the project domain name, During development, the site was archived in the Wayback Machine.

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