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The Scratch News section on the Front Page.

Scratch News is a section of the Front Page containing updates and tips by the Scratch Team. It was made to replace the Scratch Team Blog. Scratch News only appears on the front page if a user is logged in. A list of all announcements can be found here.

What Gets Posted

The Scratch News section is used to post lots of different things. These include:

Often any important announcements or updates to the software will also have a forum topic in the announcements forum.



Scratch Team member Lightnin had held a contest on the Scratch 2.0 beta site asking for Scratch News icons.[1] The rules for the competition were that an entry must meet the following:

  • Icons must fit into a 50 pixel diameter circle (no need for a border).
  • Static images only please, no animated gifs.
  • No text (these will be used for all different languages.)
  • Check out the included color palette. Other colors can be used too—these are just some that will fit well with the other colors on the homepage.
  • One submission per icon per person, please.

The competition received 80+ entries, and the chosen set of icons was by Puppy451.[2] However, the Scratch Team later used icons anonymously from other people for the news. They also have used cropped screenshots as icons a few times.[3]

Current Icons

There are currently 3 different icons used on the Scratch News page. They are:

  • A pencil and paintbrush crossing each other.
  • Scratch mascot Giga with an orange speech bubble with an exclamation point.
  • Three stacked Scratch blocks, one Hat Block and two Stack Blocks.

Direct URL

The logo used at

The direct URL at does not contain any news posts like the front page. The page only consists of the Scratch Logo, along with the word "news."

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