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Scratch Emojis are a feature which allows one to comment an emoji on a studio, project, or profile. Different emojis can also be used on the Discussion Forums. Emojis cannot be used in project descriptions. To create an emoji, one must type in the keyword for the desired emoji.


These emojis were individually added at different points in time.


The icon

During the late summer in 2011, users began to discover that the text "_meow_" in a comment would be replaced by an icon of the Scratch Cat's head with the alternate text of "Meow!". It became quite popular. Some users use this emoji as a replacement of saying the words, "Scratch Team".[citation needed]

_gobo_ and _waffle_

The two icons.

During Scratch 2.0, users have discovered that people could make two more icons like the "_meow_" icon with the "_gobo_" and "_waffle_" icons.


Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

On April Fools' Day of 2013 a Pico head emoji was created,[1] but it is no longer available.


Semicolon Emoticon.png

On April Fools' Day of 2014[citation needed], a new emoji was discovered. It possibly references the Semicolon Glitch, although it was later removed.[2] All instances of the icon were replaced with just the semicolon text character (;) after April Fools.

This emoji returned 2 years later in the April Fools' Day of 2016 with the new "confetti effect".

_taco_, _eggplant_, _sushi_, _apple_, _broccoli_, and _pizza_

Edible Emojis.jpg

On April Fools' Day of 2015, 6 emojis were revealed and represented food since the theme was "Edible Scratch". Unlike 2014, the new emojis were kept and can still be used. In February 2018, the _eggplant_ emoji was removed because of its inappropriate usage outside Scratch.[3][4]



This emoji was added on January 29, 2016, in honor of Scratch Team member RjLance who left the Scratch Team. He used the emoji a lot in conversations with other Scratch Team members.[5]


The confetti effect

This emoji was added on February 23, 2016, in celebration of 10 million registered users. When hovering over the emoji, confetti used to burst out over the page, though the process couldn't be repeated until the effect had finished. It was designed by Scratch Team member designerd and the confetti effect was implemented by raimondious[6]. However, the effect is no longer available. Occasionally, the emoji will glitch and 'break' the page.[7] When it was introduced, there was a typo in the code which caused it to not work again for a while after each time it ran for some users. The confetti effect is now discontinued.[8] Scratchers are still able to generally use this emoji without the confetti effect, by typing _10mil_ in the comments. The emoji will appear still, just without the confetti animated.

Some of the new emojis for April Fools Day 2016.

_map_, _suitcase_, _camera_, _compass_, and _binoculars_

These emojis were added on April 1st, 2016, to go with the April Fools theme for 2016. Similar to the food emojis, these are not removed.[9]



On April Fools' Day of 2017, a new emoji was discovered, showing the Illuminati symbol, officially known as the Eye of Providence. After April Fools' Day, any use of the emoji would be replaced with the text "triangle eye".[10] It was reinstated for the duration of April Fool's Days in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, and subsequently once more became "triangle eye" afterwards.

According to Scratch Team member thisandagain, the emoji name ksllxmfcai does not mean anything, it was just "smashing the keyboard".[11] However, it was later discovered that 'ksllxmfcai' was 'illuminati' encoded using the Vigenère cipher with the key 'charles'.[12]

10 year anniversary emojis

In May 2017, more conventional emojis for Scratch's 10th year anniversary were created[13][citation needed] They were created by Scratch team member designerd.

_pride_ and _blm_

Pride emoji.png

In June 2021, _pride_, (a drawing of a waving progress flag) and _blm_ (a drawing of three fists of different skin tones) were added. They were added for use in discussions involving the LGBTQ+ community and anti-racism respectively.[14]

List of Emojis

Emoji Keyword Result
_meow_ Meow.png
_gobo_ Gobo emoji.png
_waffle_ Waffle Emoji.png
_semicolon_ or _;_ (both no longer available) Semicolon Emoticon.png
_taco_ Taco emoji.png
_eggplant_ (no longer available) Eggplant emoji.png
_sushi_ Sushi emoji.png
_apple_ Apple emoji.png
_broccoli_ Broccoli emoji.png
_pizza_ Pizza emoji.png
_candycorn_ Candycorn.png
_10mil_ 10milemoji.png
_map_ Map emoji.png
_camera_ Camera emoji.png
_suitcase_ Suitcase emoji.png
_compass_ Compass.png
_binoculars_ Binoculars.png
_ksllxmfcai_ (displays "triangle eye" on days other than April Fools' Day) Ksllxmfcai-emoji.png
_cupcake_ Cupcake.png
_:)_ or _=^..^=_ Cat-emoji.png
_:D_ Aww-cat-emoji.png
_B)_ Cool-cat-emoji.png
_:P_ Tongue-out-cat-emoji.png
_;P_ Wink-cat-emoji.png
_:'P_ Lol-cat-emoji.png
_P:_ Upside-down-cat-emoji.png
_:3_ Huh-cat-emoji.png
_<3_ Love-it-cat-emoji.png
_**_ Fav-it-cat-emoji.png
_:))_ Rainbow-cat-emoji.png
_:D<_ Pizza-cat-emoji.png
_pride_ Pride emoji.png
_blm_ Blm emoji.png

Emojis on the Forums

Scratch Emojis used in comments cannot be used on the forums, but images of the emojis can be used with BBCode.[15] For a list of all the codes to create images of emojis, see this post.

List of Forum Emojis

Note Note: For emojis that include a letter, such as :P or :o, capitalization matters. For example, :P would become :P, but :p would not.
Note Note: Emojis will not appear if they are between tags. For example, [b]:P[/b] would become :P whereas it wouldn't if it wasn't in between tags.

Note Note: [16]

Name[17] Emoji Keyword Result
Smile :) :)
Neutral :| Forum Smiley - Straight Face.png
Sad :( :(
Big smile :D :D
Yikes :o :O
Wink ;) ;)
Hmm :/ :/
Tongue :P :P
Lol :lol: LOL‎
Mad :mad: x(
Roll :rolleyes: Forum Smiley - Rolleyes.png
Cool :cool: B)‎

Unicode Emojis

Caution.png This article or section is currently undergoing major changes and may be incomplete. Please avoid largely modifying this page's contents until this template has been removed. (April 2023)

The Scratch site supports the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), which contains characters for almost all modern languages, and a large number of symbols, which include a few emojis which can be used in text fields. These might not render as emojis on every platform. Emojis beyond the BMP are not supported.

Emojis on the Scratch Wiki

Emojis can be used on the Scratch Wiki. See Template:Emoji for how to use emojis on the Scratch Wiki.


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