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Scratch Day 2014
Forum ID: 37
Amount of activity: None, the forum is closed. When it was up, it had a low number of topics and a low number of posts, mainly because only the Scratch Team could make new topics.
Opened: 2014
Types of users who can post: Only the Scratch Team.
Brief description: "Closed - Scratch Day 2014 has come and gone. See you next year!"

The Scratch Day 2014 forum was a forum in the Scratch Discussion Forums where Scratchers could discuss anything related to the Scratch Day 2014 event. Before being closed, its description read, "talk about Scratch Day events in your area."

Note Note: This article contains links to topics and posts in the forum. These will result in a 403 Error (using the browser's error message instead of Scratch's), as this forum is now closed to the public.
How the forum appeared on the Discuss Scratch page while it was still open.

What the Forum Contained

The forum contained topics having to do with Scratch Day, and most had to do with Scratch Day 2014. Some examples of topics that were common there were topics that asked if there was an event in a specific area,[1] topics asking questions about Scratch Day,[2] and topics advertising events that Scratchers have set up.[3] The forum opened on March 14, 2014[4] and it closed on June 30, 2014 Scratch Time.[5]


The Scratch Day forum didn't have much activity when it was created, as it only gained 56 topics and 411 posts. However, the forum did spread awareness for some of the events that were advertised there. This was mainly because only the Scratch Team could make new topics, making it less popular among Scratchers. However, this helped to make sure that all posts were accurate and helped spread the word.

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