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Scratch Camp: Story Swap was the eighth of many Scratch Camps hosted by the Scratch Team, following Scratch Camp: Make Stuff. In this camp, Scratcher bubble103 was also a host. It began on July 15, 2019, and ended on August 5, 2019. The teaser project can be found here.

Camp Headquarters Studio

The Camp Headquarters studio, which was used as a meetingplace for talking about the camp, was here and held remixes of a project by bubble103 showing Gobo, Gobo's Friends, and Scratch Cat sitting around a campfire. Users added their own sprites to the project when they remixed.


Stage One

The studio for Stage One was found here and was used during the first week of Scratch Camp. Scratchers made sprites, backdrops, and sounds to be used in others' Stage Two projects, then added them to the studio.[1]

Stage Two

The studio for Stage Two was found here and was used during the second week of Scratch Camp. Scratchers created scenes with assets from others' projects (that were in the Stage One studio).[2]

Stage Three

The studio for Stage Three was found here and was used during the third week of Scratch Camp. Scratchers used the remix feature to finish Scratchers' scenes and add more parts to them. This was the last stage of Scratch Camp: Story Swap.[3]

Camp Counselors

There were 22 camp counselors in this camp. The camp counselors helped out by adding projects to the Scratch Camp studios, answering questions, etc. These were the camp counselors:[4]

Note Note: These are in the order that they are in the Camp Headquarters Studio.
  • ScratchCat*^
  • bubble103^
  • scmb1*^
  • ceebee*^
  • Rainbow_Reality
  • okapicoder
  • Dilek10
  • 54329
  • MistyRain17
  • Iluminare
  • okae
  • PegasusHT
  • jakel181
  • oriquack
  • bigpuppy
  • makethebrainhappy
  • huagoose
  • fromage-
  • Caden76
  • Bumaof
  • LovelyOtter
  • happybird123

* denotes a Scratch Team member

^ denotes a manager/camp host

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